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Seafood Series: Best Oysters in Vancouver

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Hello Foodies!

We’re excited to launch a new blog series on the best seafood in Vancouver! Vancouver’s fresh seafood is well-known throughout the world and there is an impressive list of restaurants in the city that call seafood their area of expertise. With a finite number of days and meals to plan, we’ve found that finding the best places to eat BC salmon/mussels/fish & chips/scallops/sashimi etc. is a common topic from guests on our Foodie Tours.

So here’s the deal:

  • Vancouver is right beside the ocean. Seafood is kind of our thing.
  • Instead of listing ALL of the options (because there are lots), we’re choosing a few local favourites and making compelling cases of why they’re worth a visit while you’re in Vancouver.

…And this is how we’ll run the Seafood Series!

Now, without further ado, we kick off our newest Vancouver food blog series off with the slippery, slimy, super-addictive aphrodisiac: OYSTERS!

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1) Rodney’s Oyster House

Rodney’s Oyster House is the first answer locals will give you when asked where to find the best oysters in Vancouver. With locations in Yaletown and Gastown, Rodney’s is a casual hangout that is bustling every day of the week.

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Why locals love it: 

  • The ambiance: They have a rustic wooden interior that’s adorned with ocean-themed items like fishing nets, anchors and other things that you find on boats.
  • The staff: The demographic of their servers, cooks and bartenders is largely defined by “male, bearded, likely to work out and likely to have tattoos.” Just an observation.
  • Unlimited bread. We like the simple things in life!

Oyster-specific news:

  • Low Tide: 3-6pm every day – feature oysters will go for $1-$2 a piece! Other appies also go for great prices during this time.
  • The sauces: Because super-fresh oysters are standard in Vancouver, seafood restaurants are standing out from the crowd with their oyster toppings. Rodney’s has a series of house-made concoctions that vary in spice and flavour.

Other things we’d recommend:

2) Blue Water Cafe

Blue Water Cafe is an upscale restaurant in Yaletown that consistently wins “Best Seafood Restaurant in Vancouver” in the annual restaurant awards.

Why locals love it:

  • Unparalleled fresh seafood: Oysters are just the beginning
  • The inviting, but upscale dining room: Despite the refined menu and trendy neighbourhood, the space maintains a comfortable and inviting feel.
  • Fantastic service.

Other things we’d recommend:

  • The Seafood Tower

3) Fanny Bay Oyster Bar

Fanny Bay Oyster Bar is a little gem in downtown Vancouver that has the city buzzing for their competitive pricing on local BC oysters and their fresh selection of local seafood.

Why locals love it:

During a rousing 3-6pm Happy Hour, you’ll find raw “Tide to Table” BC Fanny Bay oysters for just $1.50 – one of the best deals in the city! The location is slightly removed from the hubbub of the downtown core (10 minutes from Robson St) so it’s not as hectic as

Other things we’d recommend:

For seafood lovers, you can quickly the fill the table with more Happy Hour specials like $13 Mussels et Frites and $10 Shrimp Poppers!


FAOQ (Frequently Asked Oyster Questions)

Q: What makes a great oyster?
A: Freshness is everything. Raw oysters are actually live – yes, ALIVE! The less time between harvesting, shucking, and slurping the better!

seafood vancouver, best seafood vancouver, rodneys oyster bar vancouver, oysters vancouverIMG_1187

Q: How do I know a good oyster when I see one?
A: The shells must be fully closed. An open shell means that the oyster is dead and dead oysters deteriorate and develop bacteria very quickly.

Q: Where do the names of oysters come from?
A: Names of oyster varieties are often inspired by where and how they are grown. In the same way wines are described by their “terroir,” there’s an oyster term “merroir” (mer being “of the sea”)…although we’re honestly not sure if that’s a real thing.

Q: Where can I buy my own fresh oysters?
A: Local foodies and local restaurants source their fresh oysters from The Lobster Man on Granville Island.

Thanks for the read, Foodies! Join us next week for more on the best seafood in Vancouver!





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