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Seafood Series: Best Fish and Chips in Vancouver

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“These are my two favourite places for Fish and Chips.  The others I go to are inconsistent. Batter is key – not too much though – it shouldn’t taste just like batter.  But, I like crunchiness.” 

– Foodie Tour Guide, Andrew

Hi Foodies! In Part 3 of our Seafood Series, we racked our brains and revved up our appetites for the best fish and chips in Vancouver. We realized that though we might not eat fish and chips all that often but when we do, we want ’em to be made fresh, made crispy and downright perfect, every single time.

It’s a high standard to hold, but, it’s the same standard we keep on our all of food tours in Vancouver! Here are the TWO places that our team agreed upon for the best, and most consistent, fish and chips in Vancouver. Enjoy!

1. Go Fish at Fisherman’s Wharf, Granville Island

If there’s such thing as a “well-known, local secret,” Go Fish is it. Housed in a nondescript little blue trailer, Go Fish a mainstay at the dock of Fisherman’s Wharf on Granville Island.

If you’re walking along Granville Island’s seawall, you’ll likely be drawn to Go Fish by the tantalizing smells and upbeat chatter of excited foodies. On the menu are sandwiches, tacos, grilled items, and a daily feature…but it’s really all about the fish and chips!

Go Fish Granville Island

THE FISH: They literally get the daily catch from the boats that come by each morning, some ~15m away from their front step. Seafood doesn’t get any fresher! You can get your fish and chips made with Cod, Salmon or Halibut  – the cod is our favourite, but someone recently wrote a poem about the Salmon for their Yelp review, so…we’ll leave you to judge.

THE CHIPS: Something about these chips is devilishly addicting. We often escort our tour guests here after our Granville Island Public Market Tour, and they often remark at how amazing the fries are.

THE VIEW: The most ideal fish and chips experience always includes the view of an amazing fishscape (water + boats + fisherman). The views at Granville Island are nothing short of breathtaking! If you’re caught in the daily summer rush, you’ll be thankful for the chance to take photos and enjoy the scenery while you wait.

To see our full review of Go Fish on Granville Island, click here!

2. Pajo’s at Steveston Wharf (~40 minute drive from downtown Vancouver)

When Vancouverites are up for a little escape that (still) centres around dynamite fish and chips, we jump in our hybrid cars and head to Steveston! Steveston Wharf consists of a picturesque boardwalk with a quaint neighbourhood of shops and restaurants.

View from Pajos Steveston Wharf

There are actually four Pajo’s locations around the Lower Mainland, but the one at Steveston Wharf is the best one. There’s something very satisfying about picking up your fish and chips from a place that floats on the water…

THE FISH: Just like Go Fish, Pajo’s serves up Oceanwise Salmon, Cod and Halibut. We like that you can mix and match; if you’d like to keep things light, you can get the fish on its own. The options are nice, but unless you really have to, we don’t recommend bailing on the chips!

THE CHIPS: The fish and chips are served in a paper cone – chips on the bottom, fish on the top. It’s a thrill to eat your way to the bottom of the cone because you’ll always be hoping for one last fry! If you’re worried about how to hold this awkward cone, don’t worry; they’ve set up special “cone holders” to do that for you.

THE VIEW: We love to visit Steveston for dinner so we can catch the sunset. With a flat, unobstructed view of the Fraser River meeting the Pacific Ocean, it’s a myriad of vibrant colours across the evening sky.

Do you have a favourite place for the best fish and chips in Vancouver? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Thanks for the read, Foodies!

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