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3 Reasons Why Richmond is the New Authentic Chinatown

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There’s a city that’s a half-hour Skytrain ride from Vancouver, BC, called Richmond—but you know what it deserves to be called? Metro Vancouver’s new Chinatown. Keep reading for our top three reasons why!

Photo of Richmond sign with subtext Island City, by Nature. Sister City of Pierrefonds, Quebec and Wakayama, Japan. Location of Vancouver Foodie Tour's Authentic Asian Eats Tour

 Richmond is where more ethnically Chinese people live

In fact, 74% of Richmond’s population is ethnically Chinese. Geographers refer to the city, which was once known as Lulu Island, as one of the world’s most “hyper-diverse” urban centers. For a few decades, ethnic Chinese people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China have been immigrating to Richmond in droves.

Why is that? Some point to the fact that many Chinese media outlets report that Richmond has excellent “feng-shui” or “energy”. There’s also the fact that it is extremely close to the Vancouver International Airport; a big incentive for immigrants who want to visit home once in a while.

 Richmond is where Chinese language and culture thrive

Richmond Chinatown Night Market

Because the majority of people living in the city are ethnically Chinese, it’s a place where people are comfortable to express their traditions. Yes, there are places in the city where only Chinese is spoken. (That’s why the folks on our team behind our Authentic Asian Eats tour are Richmond residents who can deal with signs and menus that are all in Chinese!)

To experience the best dim sum in Vancouver, you might have to travel a while to get from restaurant to restaurant. Not so in Richmond! This place is packed with neighbourhoods that are distinctively and thoroughly Chinese-Canadian. Being there is an extremely unique and authentic experience.

Richmond has the top Asian restaurants in Metro Vancouver

Close up of chopsticks holding up juicy pork dumpling

Like we said, this unique city is filled with over 800+ Asian restaurants. We run many Vancouver food tours but our Asian focused tour happens here rather than in Vancouver’s Chinatown for a reason. Yes, the best dim sum in Vancouver is actually a short transit ride away in neighbouring Richmond.

The fact is, Richmond’s culinary scene is stellar. Dumpling shops, noodle stands, dim sum restaurants, Chinese bakeries, bubble tea…if you want the real deal, this is the place.

Book Your Authentic Asian Eats Tour Today!

Michelle, Owner and Founder of Vancouver Foodie Tours, is serving Dim Sum at Fisherman's Terrace Seafood Restaurant. The first stop on The Authentic Asian Eats Tour.

Clearly you can tell that we love Richmond at Vancouver Foodie Tours. It’s off the beaten track when it comes to most Vancouver food tours, and that’s a good thing—trust us! There’s no other place where you can have such an authentic immersion into Chinese culture, from the language to the cuisine to the simple feel of the city.

Our three-hour Authentic Asian Eats tour runs year-round, and we’re always happy to meet new dim sum fans from Vancouver and around the world. Book today and we’ll show you the time of your life…and the very best restaurants in the new Chinatown of Metro Vancouver!

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