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Community Manager
Aka. Lil’ Dumpling

What tours do you host?

I host the Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour and The Granville Island Market Tour. I’m also the stomach behind our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) and the writer our weekly Vancouver food blog!

How do you spend your spare time?

I’m a die-hard foodie, so I not only love eating food, but I also enjoy cooking, watching Food Network, reading Bon Appetit, and scouring Instagram! Vancouver’s food scene is always changing and evolving, so it’s fun to keep up with what’s happening in the city!

Why do you love food as much as you do?

Food is a perfect friend – always comforting, never judging, fully inspiring, and happy to be shared! Food leads me in my travels…I’ve eaten my way through places like Barcelona, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Thailand, Hawaii, London, and New York – to name a few!

What’s one of your fondest food memories?

One of my most memorable experiences is eating with my family at the restaurant of Iron Chef Morimoto, in New York. The night was an unforgettable experience, from start to finish. We tasted a mind-blowing tofu green tea cheesecake…and we even had a chance to meet Morimoto himself!

Why do you love hosting Vancouver Foodie Tours?

I love the smiles in the city that we see every day as food lovers indulge in Vancouver’s diverse culinary scene – I’m proud to be one of them! The breadth of authentic food options in this city is just as impressive as Vancouver’s breathtaking scenery. I’m thrilled to combine my passion for food and people through Vancouver Foodie Tours!

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