My name is Michelle Ng and I founded Vancouver Foodie Tours in 2010. The idea of hosting food tours for locals and visitors was born out of my two biggest passions in life: food and people. I have always been entrepreneurial and loved business and marketing from a young age, having grown up helping my parents with their two businesses during weekends and summer holidays. I studied Commerce and majored in Marketing at the University of British Columbia. I worked in the I.T. industry for a decade, and one day, I decided that I really do love food more than I love technology.

I started hosting food tours on weekends as a hobby, taking anyone who would come, to my favourite spots in Vancouver, and sharing insider stories on what makes these places so unique. It wasn’t before long that the word spread and I was kept busy running tours. Today, I no longer work in I.T., although I continue to love technology as an enabler for businesses, in particular, small businesses as it gives us the muscle to compete with bigger companies, and creates a more level playing field for us. I am so grateful to have a wonderful team of passionate food lovers who create memorable experiences for our guests. We hope to see you in Vancouver soon!

Fun facts about Michelle:

Places I’ve visited include: Hong Kong (where I was born), Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Panama

My most memorable meal while travelling: Pho at Pho Le Vietnam Noodle in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – This is mind-blowing pho, and is like no other! I would fly to Ho Chi Minh City just to have this bowl of pho.

My favourite place on earth: Vancouver, Canada! I feel immensely grateful that I live in this beautiful city of Vancouver. There is nowhere else I would rather be. We have authentic multicultural cuisines, nestled in between majestic snow capped mountains, and clean water with abundant fresh seafood. Life simply doesn’t get any better!

Happy feasting,

Michelle Ng
Founder, Vancouver Foodie Tours

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