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Great news! We currently have some fun tourism jobs in Vancouver:

1. Foodie Tour Guide

2. Foodie Administrator




We are now accepting applications for the 2017 season. Application closes when all positions have been filled. Apply now!

You’re charming and entertaining, we’re hiring!

Can you command a crowd, make them laugh, and have everyone literally eating out the palm of your hand? Do you love Vancouver? Do you love food? If so, then this job is for you!
Vancouver Foodie Tours is the #1 rated tour on TripAdvisor. We offer award-winning culinary walking tours of Vancouver’s tastiest neighborhoods.

We are looking for passionate, highly energetic and empathetic Vancouverites as Tour Guides. Positions are part-time. Applicants must possess strong leadership abilities, charisma, a wonderful sense of humor, excellent communication skills and a deep passion for Vancouver and our food scene. Our walking tours run year round, with peak season running from May to September. To learn more about what we do, please visit

Leading a food tour is a combination of quick thinking on your feet, advanced storytelling, and herding foodies from one location to the next, while ensuring everyone is having a fantastic time! We provide you all the training and get you up to speed on Vancouver history, architecture and its incredible foods. Once you’re up and leading a food tour, you’ll be amazed that you’re getting paid handsomely for something so ridiculously fun and rewarding. If you think you have the improv and leadership skills required, please apply before all available Tour Guide positions are filled!

Help transform the way the world experiences food.



  • Fluency in English. Fluency in Japanese, Spanish or French is preferred.
  • Responsible for conducting a fun, orderly and educational culinary and sightseeing walking tour for a maximum of 15 guests
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about Vancouver’s culinary scene
  • Familiarity with the city of Vancouver, including the history, culture and geography of the city. Must have lived in Vancouver for a minimum of three years.
  • Be warm, friendly and welcoming to all guests and tasting location staff
  • Solid first impressions
  • Well-balanced communication skills
  • Proficient voice control
  • Acute awareness of surroundingsTourism Jobs in Vancouver
  • Advanced storytelling talent
  • Knack for controlling an audience
  • Dexterity in hand and facial movements and gestures
  • Expert eye contact
  • Active listener
  • Poise and posture
  • Warm and friendly disposition and demeanor
  • Clean, professional appearance
  • Well-timed, respectful humor
  • Strong levels of empathy
  • Charisma and charm
  • Star of the show mentality

Only applicants living close to downtown Vancouver and Granville Island area will be considered. Self-employed individuals and/or flexible schedules preferred.


There are 3-4 openings available


You’ll receive paid Serious Foodie Training which lasts approximately 3-5 weeks.


Once hired and trained, Foodie Tour Guides receive on average $22/hr to $26/hr. Including gratuities, most Tour Guides average between $100-135 per tour. Tours are 2 or 3 hours long.


Please send a single email with ALL of the following information to [email protected] Use the following format in the email subject line: Tour Guide Application 2017: Your First Name Last Name

  1. Tell us how you heard about us
  2. A witty explanation (300 words on why you’d make the perfect food tour guide)
  3. Resume
  4. Indicate which day(s) of the week (including weekends) you are available to lead tours
  5. Any international traveling experiences
  6. Fluency in other languages. Special preference given to candidates fluent in Japanese, Spanish and/or French, in addition to English. Please tell us if you would be able to host tours in these languages.
  7. Bonus Points – One recent photograph of yourself
  8. Go the extra mile and submit a 1-2 minute video on Vancouver Foodie Tours’ Facebook page! Use a desktop device to upload/view your videos on the “We’re Hiring” tab and and invite your friends to vote for you!

Tourism Jobs VancouverPreference is given to candidates who submit a video on our Facebook page.

This is a genuine search for candidates and a standard interview process will apply. Based on our review of the applications, we will whittle the list of prospective guides down to a small group of finalists. All finalists will then be interviewed before successful candidates are invited to partake in a paid training program.

For all Twitter chatter related to the Vancouver Foodie Tours’ Foodie Tour Guide Audition, refer to hashtag #HireVFTGuide


You are required to own a smartphone with a data plan, have a computer with Internet access at your place of residence and check your email several times per day.

No email or phone enquiries please. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.








Vancouver Foodie Tours is comprised of a small team of dedicated and passionate individuals who want to make a difference. We want to share and enlighten others, through memorable culinary experiences. We are constantly pushing boundaries to find a better way. We have a whatever it takes attitude to get the job done, and we let what is best for our guests be our guiding light. We are a small but mighty team, where each team player is a key contributor and brings with them their unique skillset. We celebrate the unique strengths of each team member and strive to learn from one another. We are looking for someone who shares our values and has the experience, drive and skillset to lead the administrative and accounting side of our business.


  1. Real business needs you will solve – VFT is a growth company that has seen exponential growth since its inception in 2010. The Foodie Administrator will deliver memorable guest experiences, get our accounting systems into tip-top shape, while leveraging technology to achieve operational efficiency.
  1. Management Style – At Vancouver Foodie Tours, we believe in providing team members with a general framework and relying on the individual to find the best way of getting the job done. Once you have completed the initial job shadowing and training, you will be given the freedom to find the best way of accomplishing the tasks at hand. Feedback is provided periodically and ideas exchange are encouraged. We will look to the Foodie Administrator to provide the leadership and initiative to create a forward thinking and efficient way of managing the administrative and accounting side of the business, while providing excellent guest services.
  1. Why you will love this job – You will enjoy working with supportive team members who are happy to assist, and an organization that’s on a mission to be the best they can be. If you are the inquisitive and critical thinking individual that we are looking for, you will fit right in and be encouraged and supported.
  1. Part time schedule –  Two days a week, from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.  Thursdays (we are not flexible with this day) plus one additional day (there is flexibility for this day).


  • You have a Type-A personality with an obsessive attention to details;
  • You have a love for working with numbers, and ideally, you have experience in accounting;
  • Possess strong organizational skills and is often organized to a fault;
  • Prepares for Plan B and C, in the event Plan A falls through;
  • A critical thinker who is resourceful;
  • Demonstrates creativity in solving problems;
  • Takes control of situations;
  • Possess a high level of professionalism;
  • Handles pressure with ease;
  • A great communicator who keeps the rest of the team informed and organized;
  • Possess great telephone manners;
  • Is independent and thrives in an autonomous work environment.


  1. Assist in getting our accounting systems in top shape
  2. Develop organizational systems, work processes to create a systematic way of doing things at Vancouver Foodie Tours
  3. Keep abreast of new technology and determining if it can help move the organization forward
  4. Provide guest services by phone and email
  5. Maintain tour schedule, adding and cancelling tours as needed
  6. Process incoming tour bookings
  7. Create memorable experiences for guests
  8. Place orders with tasting locations
  9. Confirm upcoming tours with tasting locations
  10. Support tour guides with order changes and contacting guests as required
  11. Create and send invoices, track payment receipts
  12. Track money owing to tasting locations


Vancouver Foodie Tours offers food tasting and educational walking tours, introducing food loving visitors and locals to one-of-a-kind food and drinks that define Vancouver’s culinary scene. Guests indulge in a feast for their eyes, belly and mind, tasting signature dishes at award winning Vancouver gourmet restaurants, food shops and food trucks. Guests also learn about the origins of ingredients and how dishes are prepared. This is the best way to taste Vancouver!

We are a team of food-loving Vancouverites who are passionate about showing off our amazing city and culinary scene. Read all about the Vancouver Foodie Tours team at


If you possess the qualities we are looking for, please apply now by emailing [email protected] all of the following:

  1. Resume
  2. Exactly 300 words in a Word Document, explaining why you would make the perfect Foodie Administrator for Vancouver Foodie Tours
  3. Expected hourly rate
  4. Availability
  5. Subject line should read – Foodie Administrator Application: First and last name

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please do not call.

We are looking for someone with immediate availability. Only successful candidates will be contacted. This position closes when the position is filled. Please apply now.


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