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27 Signs You’re Totally Eating in Vancouver

What’s it like to eat in one of the world’s most-multicultural cities? From cheap sushi to deep-fried cheese curds, these are 27 Signs you’re “totally eating in Vancouver!” 

1. We love our ice cream organic

Thank you to Earnest Ice Cream, Rain or Shine, and Soft Peaks for making our indulgence feel so wholesome

Eating in Vancouver

2. Cold-pressed juice has a cult following

And we want to drink the Kool-Aid…er, juice 😛

Eating in Vancouver

Photo Credit:[email protected]

3. Sashimi is a thing of beauty

Where fish and fine art meet

Eating in Vancouver

Photo credit: @kikikat_foodindex

4. A California Roll often costs less than your coffee

Eating in Vancouver

Photo credit: Japanese Food Story

5. Speaking of coffee, we absolutely love the stuff

Lifehack called Vancouver 1 of 11 cities that coffee lovers should visit!

Eating in Vancouver

Featured: Revolver Coffee in Gastown, Vancouver

6. Our cuisine is a culture mash up of. Exhibit A: Japanese hot dogs…

We <3 you, Japadog!

Eating in Vancouver

…and Sushirittos

Practically the norm at Vancouver’s myriad of poke shops!

Eating in Vancouver

Featured: The Poke Shop in downtown Vancouver

…and EmBAOnadas

Puns like this are only the beginning at Bao Down Snack Bar in Gastown

Eating in Vancouver

…and flame-seared sushi

You have not experienced Vancouver until you have tasted the Aburi Oshi Sushi at Miku

Eating in Vancouver

7. We’re OBSESSED with ramen


Eating in Vancouver

Featured: Hida Takayama Ramen in downtown Vancouver

8. $2 fresh-shucked oysters are the norm

Because the ocean is our backyard!

Eating in Vancouver

Featured: Fanny Bay Oyster Bar in downtown Vancouver

9. Deep-fried cheese curds are a hit snack

Foodie Tip: These go well with gravy

Eating in Vancouver

Photo credit: Timber Vancouver

10. Chopsticks are no biggie. How else would we eat dim sum?


Featured: Kirin Restaurant

11. “Biking the seawall” = “biking between the craft breweries”

The true motivation behind Vancouver’s “fitness”

Eating in Vancouver

Photo Credit: Modacity, capturing 33 Acres Brewery

12. Ergo, this beer growler bike strap is a necessity

What better use for your bike strap?

Eating in Vancouver

13. …Beer can even be delivered to your desk!

Eating in Vancouver

Photo Credit: Postmark Brewing via Foodee

14. Even Lululemon jumped aboard the beer train! 

Because stretchy pants and yoga mats weren’t enough

Eating in Vancouver

Photo Credit: Insider

15. Sometimes, we’re vegetarian, even if we’re not really vegetarian

There are SO many options that are just too good to refuse!

download (1)

Photo Credit: The Acorn

16. Foodies love the gourmet food trucks

Fish tacos, handmade naan kebabs, organic salads, artisan grilled cheese sandwiches…

Eating in Vancouver

Featured: Tacofino

17. We’ve waited HOURS for a cup of gelato from Bella Gelateria

It’s the world’s best gelato, like, officially. #NoRegrets


18. Vancouver office workers eat really well

With food delivery companies like Foodee, our faves from local restaurants come right to our desks

must eats in vancouver

19. We’ve all got at least one gluten-free friend 

And we know what restaurants to hit up


Photo Credit: Edible Canada at the Market

20. We’ll casually shop at the Granville Island Public Market

You know, just picking up North America’s best charcuterie…


Photo Credit: Oyama Sausage Company

21. Our favourite late-night foods are poutine, shawarma, dim sum and izakaya

It is a GOOD time to be alive.


Featured: Six Acres

22. Sushi is “that thing everyone will like” for office lunch

Gone are the days of subpar sandwiches…

Eating in Vancouver

Photo Credit: Rue 909

23. Brunch is our religion

And we will line up…for hours…every weekend…


Featured: Cafe Medina

24. We really care where our food is coming from

From local meats to local produce, it’s a farm-to-fork kind of place out here.

Eating in Vancouver

Featured: Nuba Restaurant

25. We’re experts at sorting our food waste

Only 4 bins to decipher? Child’s play.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Gauthier

26. We go a wee bit crazy for Spot Prawn season

JUST ANNOUNCED: Spot Prawn Festival is May 13, 2017

Spot Prawn Festival 1

27. We enjoy good food with a good view

Come hither patio season, we’re ready for you!

Eating in Vancouver

Featured: Dockside Restaurant on Granville Island



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