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How To Foodie Tour Like a Pro

So, you’re thinking about booking a foodie tour. Kudos to you for thinking like a champion. If you take a scroll through our TripAdvisor reviews, you’ll see that we’ve received a lot of love to become the best food tour in Vancouver. Gosh! How you guys can make us blush.   Between our online reviews and what we hear […]

Thanksgiving in Vancouver: 5 Foodie Blessings

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend! It’s a time to celebrate all the things we’re thankful for, which, for many of us, includes indulging in a classic, food-coma-inducing meal! This year at VFT, we’re thankful for: the opportunity to showcase Vancouver’s multicultural culinary scene to foodies all around the world, our passionate team of guides that […]

New on Granville Island: Canada’s Largest 360-Degree Mural

The large, concrete silos at Granville Island got a facelift this summer, and I mean that quite literally. Just weeks ago, world-renowned Brazilian artists known as “OSGEMEOS” transformed 6, 23-metre tall concrete cylinders into iconic works of art – “Giants.” Other than being a photo-worthy place to visit in Vancouver, here are some quick & […]

The Season of Comfort Food: Recipe Within

If you’ve been following us on Instagram @vanfoodietours, you’ll know that a couple of the VFT members took a little roadtrip to the Okanagan this last week. Although we were sure to get our fill of BC wine (especially those that we feature on our Granville Island Market Tour and Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour), we […]

Our Top 5 Summer Hits in Vancouver

It was a rough week, wouldn’t you agree? Back-to-school promotions took over every store window and “The Return of your Favourite Shows” made the front page of the paper. In every direction, it seems that we are being urged along toward the impending doom of Fall. Well, you know what? We stuffed our bellies with […]

Enter to Win: Tickets to Spot Prawn Festival 2015

***As a special treat for the fifth and final week of our Seafood Series, we want to send you and a friend to this year’s Spot Prawn Boil at Fisherman’s Wharf on Sunday, May 17 at 2:00pm. Read on to enter to win!*** Seafood lovers in Vancouver will know – The Spot Prawn Boil at […]

Stops Along the Seawall: Delish General Store

It’s week 3 of our Stops Along the Seawall series! We’ve been hopping on our bikes and zooming along one of Vancouver’s most popular attractions: the 22k seawall. Though the view of the ocean is breathtaking, the city itself is just as impressive. Retail and residential space have truly become a commodity; you can’t help […]

Goodbye Carbs, Hello Beets.

In case you haven’t noticed, being active and eating healthy is a big thing to in Vancouver, especially in the summer. Even as a die-hard foodie, I will admit that I attempt to make healthier choices like running (to the ice cream shop), stretching (before eating), and healthy choices (see below) during the summer season. […]

A Day on Granville Island – Enter to Win

Believe it or not, it’s the final week of our 10-Part Vancouver food blog series on Granville Island! To celebrate the milestone and to THANK YOU for supporting us along the journey, we teamed up with some of the incredible people of Granville Island to create one incredible prize package! A Day on Granville Island […]

Inside Net Loft at Granville Island

I’ve always admired Granville Island for its balance of functionality and flare. Though the Granville Island Public Market is certainly a spectacle for tourists to experience, the local people of Vancouver are actually the “bread and butter” of the market business. We do our grocery shopping here. We plan our dinner parties here. We bring […]

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