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It’s Still Summer: Seasonal Recipes

Hi Foodies! In what seems like a blink of an eye, the lazy days of Summer have started to slip away. Here at Vancouver Foodie Tours, we’re still living in denial, determined to drain every last drop of joy from Summer before Fall truly hits! We love the feeling of escape that comes from visiting the […]

Coming Soon to the Granville Island Public Market

It’s not every day a new shop finds it’s way into the Granville Island Public Market. In fact, many of the stalls in the Public Market have been there since it opened in 1979. This collection of family businesses and local artisans have shaped the bright and friendly community of the Public Market. As hosts of the Granville Island Market Tour, […]

Best Places for Craft Beer in Vancouver

Cheers! For the final week of our partnership with Expedia Canada and we’re ending things with a bang! If you’ve just arrived on our Vancouver food blog, you’re just in time – we’re bringing you from morning-to-night in Vancouver, giving you the inside scoop on the way locals dine. Catch up on the Hidden Gems in […]

Vancouver’s Best Patios for Afternoon Fare

Hello Foodies! It’s Week Two of our exciting partnership with Expedia Canada! We’re bringing you from morning-to-night in Vancouver, giving you the inside scoop on the way locals dine. If you missed it, you can catch up on our previous post on the Hidden Gems in Vancouver’s Brunch Scene. Keep your eyes peeled as the […]

BRUNCH: Hidden Gems in Vancouver

Hello Foodies! For the next three weeks, Vancouver Foodie Tours is partnering with Expedia Canada to bring you from morning-to-night in Vancouver, giving you the inside scoop on the way a local might dine. Keep your eyes peeled as the highlights from our Vancouver food blog appear on Expedia Canada’s Travel Blog – it’s a […]

Seafood Series: Vancouver’s Famous Spot Prawns

***As a special treat for the fifth and final week of our Seafood Series, we want to send you and a friend to this year’s Spot Prawn Boil at Fisherman’s Wharf on Sunday, May 17 at 2:00pm. Read on to enter to win!*** Seafood lovers in Vancouver will know – The Spot Prawn Boil at […]

Seafood Series: Best Salmon in Vancouver

Seated on the Pacific Ocean, it’s no surprise that Vancouver is known for some of the best seafood in the world. We were inspired to create a Seafood Series for the readers of our Vancouver food blog, and so far, we’ve covered the best places for: Oysters, Tuna and Fish and Chips. Yet, if there’s […]

Seafood Series: The Tuna All-Star Line Up

Do foodies come to Vancouver searching for the best tuna they’ll ever have? Well, we think that they should. Though BC salmon is constantly in the spotlight, we’ve found 5 occasions where tuna has taken centre stage…and deserves a standing ovation! Welcome to Part 2 of our Vancouver Seafood Blog Series: The Tuna All-Star Line […]

Seafood Series: Best Oysters in Vancouver

Hello Foodies! We’re excited to launch a new blog series on the best seafood in Vancouver! Vancouver’s fresh seafood is well-known throughout the world and there is an impressive list of restaurants in the city that call seafood their area of expertise. With a finite number of days and meals to plan, we’ve found that finding […]

Foodies Worldwide: Outstanding Eggs

Hi Foodies! Earlier this year, we introduced the first “Foodies Worldwide” post on our blog. We were inspired by the breadth of food photos that are posted on social media each day, by foodies all over the globe! From perfectly-cooked steaks in Singapore to meticulously-crafted chocolates in Melbourne, there is no shortage of #foodporn to be […]

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