Granville Island

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Oh Canada!

Although July 1 falls on a Tuesday this year, Vancouver hasn’t held back in the slightest for their to Canada Day celebrations. In additional to the annual parade and fireworks display, there are a whole flurry of patriotic events where you can proudly sport your red and white. Whether you’re looking to join the crowds […]

Sake: Cold or Hot, Sip or Shot?

I’ve actually tasted the sake from Artisan Sake Maker before. On more than one occasion, in more than one Japanese izakaya bar. I even knew it came from Granville Island and, yah, I thought that was cool. But, their bottles of Osake sit unsuspectingly amongst many sakes behind the bar, so it’s hard to say […]

Meat Your Match at Oyama Sausage Company

There’s something very refined about ordering a charcuterie platter at a restaurant. It’s largely satisfying to look upon a beautiful spread of cured meats and to taste each and every one with the sophistication they deserve. The best charcuterie platters are served with a selection of cheese and bread pairings, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, […]

About the Granville Island Public Market

The Public Market is a piece of art, shaped by many hands. – Scott Fraser, Marketing & Communications Officer, Granville Island This week marks the one-month anniversary of our partnership with Edible Canada and the launch of our Granville Island Market Tour. Upon “docking” at Granville Island, the VFT team was fully aware that the Granville […]

The Best Fish and Chips are on Granville Island

I’d love to have a bird’s-eye-view of Granville Island. Our signature red Vancouver Foodie Tour t-shirts would look like little dots leading clusters of people from Edible Canada to the Granville Island Public Market. From a bird’s-eye-view, the pedestrian traffic in and around the Granville Island Public Market would look similar to bees around a […]

Kid-Friendly Granville Island

Summer means a lot of things to a lot of different people. Regardless of what the extended sunshine means to you, be it patio season, travelling season, or biking to work, one difference we all see in summer is…kids! Though we’re blessed with things to do in Vancouver, from outdoor festivals to fireworks competitions, filling […]

This Summer, Everything Will Be Different

The spirit of summer is in the air – I’ll go right out and say it. The hustle and bustle isn’t just within the Granville Island Public Market, but spans from Bridges Restaurant, past Edible Canada, to the eastern shores at the Granville Island Hotel. Whether you’re joining us for our Granville Island Market Tour […]

Sharing the Spotlight at Granville Island

Hello, Vancouver! This week, Vancouver Foodie Tours was proud to plant the VFT flag on Granville Island. We recently joined forces with Edible Canada to design and deliver a brand new tour of the iconic Granville Island Public Market. As the second-most visited destination in Canada, Granville Island is filled with history, culture and, of […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A few years back, longer than I’d like to admit ago, I had the opportunity to dine at Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant in New York. I count the night as one of the most memorable dining experiences that I’ve ever had. Yet, as unforgettable as tofu cheesecake can be, the evening is ultimately etched in […]

What is peanut butter without jelly?

I wanted to start off by saying a big thank you to our Vancouver food blog readers, tour guests, and foodie community for making this week such an exciting one for Vancouver Foodie Tours. Not only did we receive our 200th TripAdvisor review, but we became the highest-ranking food tour in Vancouver. It is such […]

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