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The 4 Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Metro Vancouver’s Dumpling Trail

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The 4 Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Metro Vancouver’s Dumpling Trail

What is it about dim sum? These savoury dumplings could be stuffed with pork, chicken, lamb, beef, or vegetables. They could be boiled, steamed, fried, or baked. No matter how they’re prepared, they pack bite-sized punches of pure comfort food bliss.

No wonder one of the questions we get asked most often is what the best dim sum restaurants in Vancouver are. We always tell them that they’re all on the Dumpling Trail, a collection of 20 dim sum restaurants in Richmond, BC. And that’s why we run a Richmond food tour when we want to share the best Asian restaurants in Metro Vancouver.  

Before we share our top four favourites, we think it’s worth knowing a little dim sum history. This dish originates in China’s Song Dynasty (960-1279) when a rich tradition of snacks was created by royal chefs. Then, in the 19th century, after opium dens were banned in China, a large number of tearooms opened up in the city of Guangzhou. These tearooms served dim sum to their guests, and that started a culture of people gathering to eat dim sum together. The dumplings, bite-sized and incredibly varied, constitute a dish that truly makes sense to share with other people. In this way, a culture of addiction gave way to a tradition of sharing delicious food. Pretty cool, right?

Cantonese Shumai

Michelle Ng, our founder, has lived in Richmond, BC, for over thirty years, partly because it gives her easy access to the best Asian restaurants in Metro Vancouver. These four restaurants are her personal favourites in Metro Vancouver’s new and supremely authentic Chinatown. This is what she has to say:

Joy’s Taiwanese

“The chilli wontons are a team favourite. I know I’ve been loving these for the past few decades! I even came here on dates when I was a teenager.”

Fisherman’s Terrace

“I highly recommend the steamed prawn dumplings. When I took Mia Stainsby, a long-time local food critic, on our Authentic Asian Eats tour, she said this was the best she’s tasted! Read her article here.”

Dinesty Dumpling House

“This is a great place to experience Shanghainese style soup dumplings, which are stuffed with pork and a rich pork broth. They also make delicate vegetarian steamed dumplings, which go beautifully with their dark rice vinegar and julienned ginger.”

Yummy Dumpling

“If you want to buy ready-made dumplings to cook at home, this is your place. These guys make fresh dumplings in this tiny shop daily. These are some of the most delicate dumplings you’ll ever taste.”

Golden Paramount Restaurant

“This is an award-winning dim sum restaurant that is still easy enough to grab a seat at on the weekends. Their signature dish is a delicate steamed dumpling with crab meat and pork. This is a unique dumpling that you won’t see at many restaurants, and they make the best version of it, hands down.”

Shanghainese Soup Dumpling in steamer

Thanks, Michelle! For a delectable meal that is steeped in centuries-long traditions of connection and sharing, try out these four incredible establishments, places that deserve to be called the best dim sum restaurants in Metro Vancouver. And if you want to experience an extremely fun Richmond food tour that will expose you to dim sum and more, consider joining us for an Authentic Asian Eats tour! 

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