What’s A Vancouver Food Tour?

Food tours were once a novel concept, but over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more food tours pop up all over the world. At the heart of it all, a food tour is a relatively simple concept that provides a sincere and valued service: People, whether they are local or visitors, love to eat. They love the thrill of dining in different spaces and places and they love tasting the best of the city’s offerings. But if you’ve ever eaten a delicious meal in stormy mood, you’ll know that it can take a lot more than just great flavour to make an experience great. So, when you’re searching for a Vancouver food tour that has both the charm and the chomp, consider the following in your quest:

A Vancouver food tour can mean a lot of things

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We’re spoiled in Vancouver – it’s a beautiful, metropolitan, culinary-charged city. There is so much character and diversity within the Vancouver food scene that the definition of a Vancouver food tour experience actually hinges on the people behind it. So who are we? Four. Four passionate, food-loving, marathon-eating, Vancity-slickers, whose love for food is so deep that all we want to do is share the best of it with you. Where we go, what we eat and the facts we share, aren’t crafted to match any tour requirement or expectation; it is a genuine reflection of what we love about Vancouver. No deals were made and no favours were traded; yet we have full confidence that the tastes we share with you on a Vancouver Foodie Tour will make your day because they are the same tastes that have made our days, time and time again.

A Vancouver food tour is an activity

It is. A food tour is usually somewhere between 2-5 hours and that’s a good 2-5 hours that could go several ways. Consider this scenario: You win a free, one-week vacation to Hawaii. YAY!  Now consider winning this free, one-week vacation to Hawaii with your mother-in-law… Still YAY?

You want awesome people to share in your awesome experience. Now there’s no way of knowing exactly who will sign up with you on your tour, but you do know that someone from Vancouver Foodie Tours will be there. And don’t worry, there’s four of us and we’re all certified awesome.

A Vancouver food tour is an experience

Best Things To Do In VancouverWe are humbled (and really, really happy) to live in the foodie paradise that is Vancouver and to have become “experts in the field” simply by living how we love to live and eating what we love to eat. The culinary scene is ever-changing, so what better crew to show you the ropes than long-time local foodies who are ever-eating? Wherever your adventures lead you, we hope that your food tour is a celebration of the city and it’s eats – but ask around, check Trip Advisor or Yelp, and scope around our site – you can’t say you didn’t know that Vancouver Foodie Tours knows how to bring the party!

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