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Travellers’ Guide to the Richmond Night Market

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The Richmond Night Market is back for the summer season! With hundreds of street-style food stalls, trinket vendors, and a handful of carnival games, the Richmond Night Market is the biggest of its kind in North America. Eating at the Richmond Night Market is one of our favourite things to do in Vancouver – it’s a must-see, must-taste tourist attraction for adventurous foodies.

From Bubble Tea to Bubble Waffles, Barbecue Skewers to Japanese Takoyaki, it is a spectacle to have such a diverse set of places to eat in one lively location. Guests on our Foodie Tours are often curious about the Richmond Night Market, but tend to be unsure about how to get there and what to expect. It can be overwhelming, but it’s a blast if you do it right.

10 Steps to Success at the Richmond Night Market


Richmond Night Market, Things to do Vancouver

You’ll need $3.75 to get through the gates, but you’ll want cash for all the goodies inside. Food is often sold in $3, $5 or $10 categories, so study those Canadian coins before you arrive!


When guests from our Foodie Tours ask us about the Richmond Night Market, they’re thrilled to learn that its located beside a Canada Line train station. From the heart of the city (Waterfront Station or Vancouver City Centre), it is a 20-minute ride to Bridgeport Station. Look out for the River Rock Casino (you can’t miss it) and you’ll see the glow of the Night Market across the street. 


The Richmond Night Market is actually located in a massive parking lot, so everything is in the open air. Wear something comfortable and casual as you’ll inevitably be wandering through clouds of barbecue smoke and street-style cuisine.


Richmond Night Market, Things to do Vancouver

It might sound silly, but we can’t stress this enough. There are SO many things to taste and try, you’ll want to capitalize on the opportunity. Portions are relatively small, so you’ll be trying various items over the course of your visit, as opposed to having a large meal from just one place.


If you have a water bottle, bring it! You can use that $2 on a Cream-Filled Churro.


It’s best to visit the Richmond Night Market with friends! When it comes to Barbecue Beef Skewers, Pork Buns, or Nutella-Filled Waffles, it’s great to have a bite and still have room for the next adventure. So find a foodie friend you trust and eat your way through the market together!

7.  TRY!

When we first visited the Richmond Night Market food stalls, we wanted to see everything first, evaluate our choices, and then make our decisions. This is a pointless strategy. You’ll be lost amongst the rows of tantalizing options and you’ll likely forget which places you hoped to return to. So, if you’re tempted by something, stop and eat it!


Sweet items, especially the Bubble Teas and Shaved Ice Bowls, are quite large in size and deceptively filling. After a sip or two, you’ll be stuck holding the bowl/cup for the rest of the night. Prioritize savoury favourites like Deep-Fried Squid and Chicken Karaage and you can enjoy a sweet treat later in the night.


There’s not a lot for seating in the food area at the Richmond Night Market, so be prepared to eat on-the-go. If you do it right, you can be lining up for your next tasting by the time you finish the plate in your hands!


If you’re eager to get the most bang-for-your-buck, the best time to visit the food vendors is 45-minutes before the Richmond Night Market closes. The food stalls will be wrapping up for the evening will have special prices to get rid of their inventory. Extra dumplings? Don’t mind if we do!

For more on the Richmond Night Market, read more here.

Happy feasting!

The Official Richmond Night Market
8700 McKim Way #3063
Richmond, BC
FRI/SAT: 7:00pm-Midnight
SUN/HOLIDAYS: 7:00-11:00pm

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