The Gastronomic Gastown Tour is an official Canadian Signature Experience

This designation is awarded by Destination Canada to recognize one-of-a-kind travel experiences found only in Canada.

We are honoured that the Gastronomic Gastown Tour is the exclusive Canadian Signature Experience in Gastown. With several Gastown tours and Gastown food tours in the community, we thought to share some insight on what makes this particular Vancouver Foodie Tour so unique.

1. This is a historical tour, paired with exceptionally delicious local food.

Gastown is the birthplace of Vancouver. You can learn so much about a city from its history, so we’re really passionate about sharing Gastown’s story.

When we first launched the Gastronomic Gastown Tour, we assembled a team to dig deep into Gastown’s history, researching through books, tours, and historians.

Approximately 330 hours of research laid the groundwork for our Gastown tour. Then, we designed an 8-week intensive training program for our Gastown food tour guides and invited Gastown experts to see if there was anything we missed.

When you join the Gastronomic Gastown Tour, you’re actually getting an in depth guided tour through Gastown’s history and architecture, along with a memorable meal!

2. We’ve partnered with Gastown restaurants that give the neighbourhood its charm.

Gastown is Vancouver’s #1 restaurant district – eating is the #1 thing to do! As a Gastown food tour, there are infinite possibilities of where to bring guests.

For Foodie Tours, we showcase places that make Gastown Gastown – a casual, delicious, historic district, known for food and alive with entrepreneurial energy. Our tasting locations are:

1) 100% locally-owned, heritage dining rooms
2) Original Vancouver concepts, with wicked food that locals love

And, let’s not forget the craft beer, wine, and cocktail pairings…because that’s the spirit of ol’ Gassy Jack.

Top-Restaurants-Vancouver-Tuc Craft Kitchen

We have a roster of 5 tasting locations which have been awesome since before the Gastronomic Gastown Tour ever existed. We visit 4 restaurants on every 3-hour Gastown food tour: Tuc Craft Kitchen, Wildebeest, Nicli Antica Pizzeria, Meat and Bread, and La Mezcaleria.

Many of our partners win “Best Gastown Restaurant” awards each year. When you join us, you taste the best of the best. If these restaurants don’t ring a bell, give ‘em a Google – it’s a dynamite list that makes the Gastronomic Gastown Tour top notch! 

3. Serving ultimate-combo-plates-of-deliciousness…

We’ve worked with each restaurant to assemble a perfectly portioned plate of their signature items. For example, at Tuc Craft Kitchen you’ll have a bowl of Pork Belly Cracklings, Parsnip Fries, a Bacon-Wrapped Tempura Scotch Egg, and a glass of British Columbia wine.

We’re able to offer these ultimate-combo-foodie-tour-exclusive-plates-of-awesomeness by paying our tasting locations for all food and drink tastings. A food tour is nothing without great food, so this is one way that we maintain win-win relationships with the restaurants that we work with!

Foodie Tour Guide, Miguel, saying “Cheers!” with guests at Meat & Bread in Gastown.

4. Take a seat and we’re ready to eat.

As with all Vancouver Foodie Tours, table reservations, food, and drink pairings are coordinated in advance. It’s 100% stress-free dining – you won’t be eating on the street or waiting in line. Take a seat and get ready to eat!

 5. Of course, there’s more to explore!

The Gastronomic Gastown Tour is just 3 hours, so we make no secret that there’s more to explore in Gastown! In addition to the candid recommendations you’ll receive from our Foodie Tour Guides, we also designed a 12-Page Printed Guide that includes a Gastown foodie map, recommendations at our favourite Gastown restaurants, and exclusive discounts in the neighbourhood.

This booklet is available exclusively to Gastronomic Gastown Tour guests and we haven’t found anything like it on other tours!

Tip: If you want to make full use of your Gastronomic Gastown Tour, join us at the beginning of your trip! We hope to see you soon!

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