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Cheer Up, Buttercup! The Best Desserts in Vancouver to Make Things Right

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Raincouver. It’s back. It’s just the beginning. We saw over 30cm of rain in the last seven days. I was headed downtown across the Burrard Street bridge on of these monsoon-like mornings, thinking about “the season of comfort food.” Cold and dreary weather makes foodies yearn for all things warm, hearty, sweet, and decadent. As the bus fought through the sheets of rain, I pondered, as a foodie often does, on the best places for comfort food in Vancouver. Suddenly, my delicious daydream was interrupted as the bus entered a looming puddle, full-speed ahead! A sizeable wave of rainwater splashed up against the windows, and all of us on the bus gasped in surprise. But it was really the girl in bike lane beside us who looked most-shocked; in that tragic split-second, she went from “heading to the office” to “having a shower,” courtesy of Vancouver public transit. This week’s blog post is for her.

 “Cheer Up, Buttercup!” – The Best Desserts in Vancouver to Make Things Right

If you haven’t tried these already, consider adding these to your list of things to do in the city! 

  1. Frissants from Swiss Bakery – Artisan croissant-crossed donuts made fresh every morning. This month’s two feature flavours are Pumpkin Spice and Cafe Au Lait. I’m smiling just thinking about 1
  2. Beta 5 Cream Puffs – Not your average cream puff. See picture below. The location is a little bit out of the way, but it’s certainly deserving as a place to visit in Vancouver.
    Beta 5-2
  3. The Opera Bar from Boulevard Restaurant – Our favourite dessert from newly-renovated digs in the Sutton Place Hotel. (You might recognize the hotel from our World’s Best Food Truck Tour – our first stop is on their front porch!)  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and espresso, in a layered bar of 2
  4. Lemon Meringue Parfait from Fable on W 4th Avenue – It’s a cute dessert to share on date night, but we won’t tell if you brave it 3
  5. Gyoza Bar’s Cayenne Chocolate Crema – Why the bubbles? Why not? It’s like the bubble bath you’d like to take on a rainy day, redesigned for your tastebuds. (It’s actually a coconut foam that compliments the coconut sorbet, chocolate cream and strawberries.)photo 5
  6. Purebread’s Nutella Brioche – If the gray skies are getting you down, enter Purebread’s new location in Gastown for the best foodie renewal. I’ve recommended the Nutella Brioche because I know how we all like to settle down with tub of Nutella on those chilly Fall nights, but there are literally piles of pastries (sweet and savoury) waiting to be loved at Purebread!photo 4

The rainy season is here, foodies. Sooner or later, we’ll have to embrace it. For now, embrace some dessert, alright?


Joyce Chua

About Joyce Chua

I’m fascinated by food and its impact on culture, especially in an increasingly globalized world. I love how Vancouver’s multicultural food scene opens doors to history, culture, and understanding. Here’s to a life of eating and learning!

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