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What Is Vancouver Cuisine?

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Vancouver cuisine can mean something different to each person you ask. Eating Vancouver food can represent a wide range of things, from fresh seafood to a pulled pork sandwich from a food cart. One thing can be guaranteed when you visit Vancouver though: diversity. For years Vancouver has been known for its multiculturalism and the great variety of expression that has emerged as a result, whether through music, art, or cuisine. Let’s take a look at Vancouver cuisine from its many angles, all equally exciting and delicious in their own ways.

Nico Schuermans’ Chambar Restaurant

Vancouver Cuisine Foodie ToursArguably one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Vancouver, the Chambar Restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Nico Schuermans. Chef Schuermans was the station chef for “Comme Chez Soi,” a three star Michelin restaurant. After twenty years at what is widely considered the best restaurant in Belgium, Chef Schuermans went on to cook for many well-known figures like Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger, and was also invited to cook at many prestigious restaurants. The Chambar Restaurant stresses an unpretentious and sustainable approach to cuisine. All used menu paper is recycled into ordering pads, and food waste is brought to the community compost instead of to the trash. Popular menu items include braised lamb and crisp arctic char.

Delicious Dim Sum at the Kirin Restaurant

You simply can’t talk about Vancouver cuisine without bringing up the Eastern influences, specifically of the Asian variety. Kirin is the award winner of best dim sum in Vancouver. Dim sum is a Chinese style of dining that involves small portions of delicately made tapas that are served during the day. In Vancouver, Chinese dim sum is usually served between 10 am-3 pm. It is at Kirin that you will likely find the best dim sum outside of China itself.

Great Indian Food at Vij’s

Indian food is another hallmark of Vancouver cuisine. Vij’s is widely regarded as the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver and beyond. World-renowned chef Vikram Vij and his wife Meeru Dhalwala have found ways to take Indian cuisine to places no one has taken it before. Drawing inspiration from frequent visits to India, Chef Vij blends traditional Indian food with bold new ideas that elevate his dishes to a completely new level.

Vancouver cuisine should not be narrowed down to one restaurant or even one type of food. What makes dining in Vancouver so exciting is the diversity of the city. You can sit down and have an authentic French bistro meal or just as easily travel a few blocks and enjoy some high quality Cantonese style dim sum!

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