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VFT Presents: One Day Only – Edition #1

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This week, we continue our foodie travel series, with one very special feature destination: Vancouver. If you haven’t noticed from our blog already, it’s no secret that there are countless foodie things to do in Vancouver. In our blog, we’ve taken to featuring one restaurant per week; however, with thousands of restaurants in the city, a traveller might have a difficult time working through our recommendations in one trip!

So today, we step into the shoes of a traveller who has only one day to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of the city. What to do in Vancouver that you simply can’t miss? Get started with this list of some of our favourite things to do in Vancouver. Our list features delightful things to eat from amazing places to visit! We’ve included experiences that’ll showcase the bold, West-Coast, multicultural flavour of the city! Bon appetit!

What to do in Vancouver: When you wake up…

Might as well address this nice an early: forget pacing the pastries! There are an incredible variety of baked goods that will tempt you and reward you again and again throughout the day. My advice? Indulge. You’re only here for a day, remember? Here are some places to visit in Vancouver that we hold near and dear to our stomachs…

Beaucoup. For their almond croissant, and all the 5+ croissant varieties that they bake every morning. This Parisian-style café ranked first in Vancouver’s Magazine’s croissant showdown. The pastry layers are immaculate, light, crispy, and devilishly buttery. Enjoy every last bit of flaky goodness in the beauty of Beaucoup’s stark white interior and homely design. You’ll rediscover an appreciation for what “handcrafted” can mean. Their website has truly captured the beauty of the croissant with this photo!


What to do in Vancouver: When you’re wandering the city…

Try a Truck! Some of our favourites like Mom’s Grilled Cheese, Tacofino, Eat Chicken Wraps and Feastro are consistently hanging out by the Vancouver Art Gallery. But, if you’re venturing around the downtown core, I challenge you to seek out Tacofino’s White Lightning truck (on Burrard and Dunsmuir!) The chicken karaage taco is killer!


What to do in Vancouver: When you just want a taste…

The Roman-style pizza at Scuie is to die for. These fresh, flatbread pizzas are sold by the weight, so you can enjoy exactly how much your heart desires. I’m undyingly loyal to the Salmone Pane Romano (Smoked Salmon, Organic Greens, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a mayo-glazed pizza base). Best of all, there are several locations downtown!


What do to in Vancouver: When it’s low tide…

Taste the ocean at Rodney’s Oyster House. If you’ve never tried oysters before, there’s no better place to do so than in Vancouver. The freshness of an oyster cannot be underestimated. At Rodney’s, you can see it happen before your eyes – their fleet of bartenders are shucking ‘em as they’re ordered. Hint: Visit between 3-6pm for “low tide” specials!


What to do in Vancouver: When the sun slips behind the mountains…Get “a head!”

When I look back on my travels, the tastes that I remember are the ones that are really unique. Something about the dish, whether it be flavour, texture, presentation, or execution, is different enough to make an impression that you never forget. Though I love the flamed-seared sushi at Miku and sister restaurant, Minami, it was the flash-fried prawn head that I’ll never forget. The prawn actually comes raw with the sashimi platter, but you have the option to flash-fry the head. We are so very spoiled on the West Coast, aren’t we?


That’s all for our first edition of ODO (One Day Only) – what do to in Vancouver. We’ll continue to mix and match things to do in Vancouver into unforgettable one-day experiences, so check back again before your next trip! Happy travels!

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