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The Ultimate Guide to Oyama Sausage Company

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“The most talented and diversely gifted meat makers in North America.”
– The New York Times on Oyama Sausage Company

Oyama Sausage Company’s petit charcuterie stand is the busiest shop in the Granville Island Public Market.

John and Christine Van de Lieck are 5th generation charcuterie makers with a passion for top-quality products and genuine service. You’ll find a handful of lively and jovial employees hustling behind the busy counter at the Public Market, along with 400 products to tantalize your tastebuds.

Here, local chefs jostle at the counter, devising their daily charcuterie menu with Oyama’s infamous products.

15 Meats you’ve got to try at Oyama Sausage Company:


1. Kazu Coppa
A buttery pork, with a flavourful twist. Floral notes come from the “kazu” marinade – the leftover rice mash from sake-making. John discovered “kazu” from the Artisan Sake Maker on Granville Island.

Oyama Sausage Company - Vancouver Foodie Tours

2. Bierbeisser 
A dried German sausage that’s fatty, salty and perfect for snacking. It’s what foodies crave with a good glass of beer – you’ll spot a stack of these at the counters of local Vancouver craft breweries!

Oyama Sausage Company - Vancouver Foodie Tours

3. Bison Bresoala
A Canadian twist on an Italian classic. Thinly sliced, this eats like a beef jerky.

Oyama Sausage Company - Vancouver Foodie Tours

A lot of these products evolved in Europe. Italian prosciutto, French jambon. Bresaola is an Italian product. So we’re putting our own Canadian stamp on it by making Bison Bresaola.
– Chris H, General Manager & Co-Owner, Oyama Sausage Company

4. Elk and Juniper Salami
An easy introduction to elk, a traditional Canadian meat. Smooth, light and balanced.

5. Rosette de Lyon
A classic French recipe. Slightly tough, peppery, very addicting!

6. Campagne Parisienne Paté
Even loved by “those who don’t really eat paté.” Perfect to pair with sliced baguette or herbed crackers.

7. Okanagan Red Wine Proscuitto
If nothing else, start here. This is an Oyama specialty and a staple on BC charcuterie plates.


8. Toulouse Sausage
Loved by local chefs. A classic French recipe!

9. Elk and Blueberry Sausage
It’s not always at the counter, but when it is, you’ll want to snap these up quickly!

10. Applewood Smoked Bacon
The good stuff. Pure, wholesome and delicious, shaved to the thickness of your choice.

Oyama Sausage Company - Vancouver Foodie Tours

Oyama is always a big hit on our Granville Island Market Tour. We savour seven of their top products; when you taste them side-by-side, you really appreciate the unique flavour of each meat!
– Michelle N, Founder of Vancouver Foodie Tours


11. Porcchetta
A beautifully herbaceous pork shoulder, ready to eat. A steal of a deal to build a quality sandwich!

12. Pork and Duck Rilette
A savoury spread that’s incredibly buttery and rich. Simply smear the rilette on a toasted baguette for instant bliss, or add crisp apple slices and acidic greens to create a balanced sandwich.

13. Extremely Rare Roast Beef
A well-known gem at Oyama. Pair this with a good sourdough bread, spicy horseradish and bright greens.


14. Swedish Ham
Forget every other ham you’ve had before. This Swedish Ham has countless layers of flavour and a beautiful texture. Preorders are recommended at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

15. Black Truffle Salami
Known as the “diamonds of the earth,” real black truffle makes this salami especially aromatic and decadent. Look at those truffle freckles!

Oyama Sausage Company - Vancouver Foodie Tours

Business is not about doing something. It’s about philosophy. It’s about making a good product. If all of the stands at Granville Island a good product and a passion, that’s what it’s all about.
– Jerome, Oyama Sausage Company

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