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#TBT is load of compost

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Are you on Facebook? A Twitterrite? An Instagrammer? Sure you are. You’re reading our blog, for goodness’ sake (and so you should! We have a very special announcement this week). If you’ve been exposed at all to social media, you’ve probably come across the hashtag #TBT. #TBT, or #ThrowbackThursday, is a fun reason to share old photos and reminisce on good times.

Yet, I’ll be the first to confess: As a foodie, really almost everything we post is a throwback! When the food arrives, we’ve got our game faces on. 100% of our energy is dedicated to enjoying the meal, start to finish. So whether it’s 5 minutes, 1 hour, 2 days, or 2 years ago, unless you are “that guy” formatting your photo while your food is getting cold and while your company is getting weirded out, it’s all one big throwback!

In light of this thinking, I’ve taken the liberty to apply 10 new meanings to #TBT that are truly relevant and meaningful to foodies all over the world…

1. #TBT: Trusty Buffet Tights
Ladies, you know the ones.

#TBT is exactly what you need for unlimited fondue at @themeltingpot! #foodieconfessions #eatpdx #buffet 

2. #TBT: Tiny Bites Tactic
When you see the end of something so painfully delicious so you start taking tiny bites to make the moment last.

The perfectly petite lemon meringue tart from @cadeauxbakery! Totally employing #TBT #eatVancouver

3. #TBT:  The Butter Trick
Butter makes everything better. Everyone knows that.

Only#TBT could achieve this kind of height on the #Frissant from @SwissBakeryYVR! #perfection #eatVancouver 

4. #TBT: Taste Beats Talk
If this wasn’t true, we would just write this blog and we wouldn’t run Vancouver food tours. Tasting is believing.

Tired of just hearing about amazing food? #TBT! Join us for a #Vancouver Foodie Tour. #thingstodoVancouver #eatVancouver #foodtrucksVancouver

5.#TBT: Two Button Trouble
Men: When your shirt can no longer host your beer belly and you already threw out the replacement button. (Hint: With every dress shirt, there’s an extra button in a little baggie that’s attached to the shirt tag.)

Augh! (Insert boyfriend’s name here) finished a half dozen @cartems #donuts and popped his shirt button! #TBT

6: #TBT: Two Bonus Tacos
Wednesdays at @lataqueria. Buy 4 Tacos, get 2 free!

Check it out!! My favourite four PLUS #TBT! @lataqueria Get it. #eatVancouver #Wednesday

7. #TBT: The Beer Tingles
That feeling you get on Fridays around 2pm.

#TBT are hitting hard…can’t wait for the #weekend to begin! @CraftBeerMarket I’m coming for you!

8. #TBT: Total Below Ten!
The impressive feat of having your bill total to less than $10.

#TBT by a mile! Have you tried the $2.85 burger in #downtown #Vancouver? 

9. #TBT: Trust Bacon Truly
Bacon is law. Don’t ever forget it.

After a night at @TheOakwood, you will forever #TBT. #eatVancouver

10. TBT: The Big Thing
If you haven’t guessed it already, our very special announcement is….

WE’RE OFFICIALLY ON INSTAGRAM and you’re the first to know it!!! #TBT #TheBigThing. 


YES! We’re officially on Instagram and things just got real!  Expect @vanfoodietours to provide you with daily things to drool over, morning, noon and night! As culinary ambassadors for one of the world’s best foodie cities, we can’t wait to build our Instagram community with you! 🙂

To see the photos that accompany all of today’s #TBT spoofs, follow us @vanfoodietours!

See. Taste. Laugh.


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