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Our Top 5 Summer Hits in Vancouver

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It was a rough week, wouldn’t you agree? Back-to-school promotions took over every store window and “The Return of your Favourite Shows” made the front page of the paper. In every direction, it seems that we are being urged along toward the impending doom of Fall. Well, you know what? We stuffed our bellies with fresh BC cherries this week. We swam in the Kitsilano pool this week. We sat on a patio and soaked up every last drop of sunshine WHILE drinking, that’s right, 33 ACRES OF SUNSHINE. So no matter what they tell you, summer ain’t over yet, folks! At least, not in our bellies.

This summer, a few distinct trends emerged in Vancouver’s food scene. As culinary ambassadors for the city’s finest foodie finds, here are our Top 5 Summer Hits in Vancouver. They are each perfectly refreshing and delightful. Be inspired, foodies – there’s still some summer left in the city!

Eat Vancouver: Summer Hit #1 – Popsicles

Popsicles were not just a hit in Vancouver, but all over the foodie world. Big names like Jamie Oliver and Bon Appetit featured weekly recipes for fresh fruit popsicles and creamy concoctions. In our own city, Johnny’s Pops reigned supreme for a second summer with their “mobile store”- artisan popsicles sold out of the back of a bicycle! Despite the humble set-up, bold flavours like Avocado, Apricot Salted Caramel, Strawberry Lemonade took the spotlight.

Places to eat Popsicles in Vancouver: Johnny’s Pops (Mobile), Nice Pops (Mobile), Float on Bakeshop (Fraser St)

Eat Vancouver: Summer Hit #2 – Cortado

Vancouver Summer 2

Earlier this year, Vancouver was hit by a craft brewery craze. Over 22 new craft breweries opened in 2014, compared to the 9 that opened last year. The dramatic change in liquor laws took centre stage, overshadowing the openings of numerous local coffee shops. Meh, a cafe is a cafe, you might say. But, these ones are different. They don’t just serve coffee. They serve a culture. They grind and blend with the seriousness of Seattle and Portland. Hence, #dailycortado came to light.

The word “cortado” is derived from the Spanish verb “cortar,” which means “to cut.” The drink “Cortado” is, therefore, an espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk.

Where to get a Cortado in Vancouver: Revolver (Gastown), Innocent Coffee (Granville Island), Prado Cafe (Main St), Matchstick Coffee (Chinatown)

Eat Vancouver: Summer Hit #3 – Iced Teas & Lemonade

Places to eat in Vancouver – cafes and restaurants – are creating “housemade iced teas” that, to our delight, often include local fruit! One of our most-memorable sips of this summer was the fresh Blueberry Basil Lemonade at Tractor Foods.

Where to try Housemade Iced Tea in Vancouver: Tractor Foods (Kitsilano), Bel Cafe (Downtown), Granville Island Tea Company (Hint: Come along our Granville Island Market Tour)

Eat Vancouver: Summer Hit #4 – Ice Cream Sandwiches

I hope I don’t need to remind you about our first Stop Along the Seawall at Beta 5. Froyo took a back seat to ice cream this summer and became virtually irrelevant when cookies became involved. Followers of @vanfoodietours (that’s us) on Instagram will remember our visit to Cadeaux Bakery, where we unashamedly at this for lunch:

Vancouver Summer1

Places to eat ice cream sandwiches in Vancouver: Beta 5 (Industrial Ave), Cadeaux Bakery (Main St), Sweet Bake Shop (Yaletown), and Bella Gelateria (We know it’s not ice cream, but it’s the best gelato in the world, so we’ll let it slide! They’ve been serving slices of gelato between rectangle waffle cones!)

Eat Vancouver: Summer Hit #5 – Cold-Pressed Juice

It was just over a year ago where we broke the news about Krokodile Pear’s first store opening in Kitsilano. As the cold-pressed juice trend took over the city this summer, we were thrilled to hear of Krokodile Pear’s plans to open in Yaletown later this year! Cold-pressing juice allows for maximum retention of nutrients and natural enzymes.

Vancouver Summer3

Where to try cold-pressed juice in Vancouver: Krokodile Pear (Kitsilano), Nectar Juicery (Various locations), The Juice Truck (Mobile; Retail shop on W 5th Ave)

Thanks for the read! Is there a summer treat out there that can’t be missed? Comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

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