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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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A few years back, longer than I’d like to admit ago, I had the opportunity to dine at Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant in New York. I count the night as one of the most memorable dining experiences that I’ve ever had. Yet, as unforgettable as tofu cheesecake can be, the evening is ultimately etched in my memory for and by the people I shared it with; my parents. The time we dined at Morimoto’s is a time we still reminisce about…and we even shook hands and snapped a photo with the man himself, remember?

As I pondered Mother’s Day this week, I came to wonder how my love for food would be different if it weren’t for the people I often share it with. (This obviously excludes moments of sitting in the bath with a tub of ice cream. #AloneTime) But, all joking aside, food is a hugely social sport. It is the perfect excuse for a gathering that is almost impossible to deny. See: You have to eat anyways, right?

The following Vancouver gift ideas are simple ones that might just serve as special additions to things you’ve already planned. Our recommended recipe for success on Mother’s Day is one cup of thoughtfulness, two generous scoops of love, and a splash of surprise!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide from your trusty Vancouver food blog:

1) Flowers. I have no additional insight on this topic. Never skimp on these. There’s nothing like a fresh bunch of flowers to brighten mom’s mood and remind her that you’re thinking of her!

photo (12)

2) Mother’s Day Brunch. If you’re lucky to live close by, surprise mom in the morning with a homemade breakfast! It can be as simple as scrambled eggs and toast, but here’s an easy menu combination is sure to impress:

Layer the following:

  • Toast – One of my favourite breads is the Green Olive Loaf from Terra Breads. They do both a 1/2-size and full loaf and will even make you perfect slices.
  • A deconstructed bruschetta – Don’t worry, deconstructed in this case just means less chopping for you. Layer fresh basil leaves, heirloom tomatoes, and a slice of cheese (swiss or boccocini will do)
  • Top everything off with a poached egg! Take 3 minutes and watch this how-to youtube video. It’s totally achievable…and worth a try for mom! Hint: You can do without the vinegar, but you will need the slotted spoon.
  • Drizzle with a thick balsamic vinaigrette – one of my favourites is the Classic Nonna Pia Balsamic Reduction from Edible Canada on Granville Island

Serve with some freshly squeezed orange juice, and voila! Who knew mom raised such a Masterchef?

3) Cook together. Men, don’t go thinking this activity is just for the girls. There are extra brownie points (no pun intended) for son + mum baking! The trick is to make something simple so you both focus on enjoying each others’ company as opposed to the recipe. For a pinch of surprise, pick a recipe in advance. Portion the ingredients, package them together, and wrap them all up like a present. Mom will have something to open and realize you’ve put an activity in a box! This is great even if you are pressed for time – you can take a rain check to cook together at a later date.

4) Take a stroll to her favourite cafe. If you’re not overly eager to compete for a table at Mother’s Day brunch, spend the morning enjoying Vancouver’s beautiful scenery and finish at mom’s favourite cafe. It’s probably not every day that mom gets to have you her share in her routine, so although the cafe might not be particularly new or exciting, it will be an experience she can treasure. Need a cafe suggestion? Nelson the Seagull, Cafe Thierry, Tractor Foods, Prado Cafe, and Viva Fine Foods and Bakery all have great vibes and great eats!

5) Treat her to a Vancouver Foodie Tour! A foodie tour is an amazing and valuable experience that is easy to enjoy. Sure, I may be biased, but I see memories made every week, with every tour. We eat, we laugh, we learn, we share. You’ll eat things you’ve never had before and discover cravings that can only be satisfied in Vancouver’s multicultural culinary scene. And you’ll have fun! You really will. There are people who are delighted enough and kind enough to even tell you about it on TripAdvisor. We are humbled and blessed to play the small role that we do in bringing friends, families and foodies together with the incredible food Vancouver has to offer!

Vancouver gift idea, eat Vancouver

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere!

See. Taste. Laugh. We hope to see you on a Vancouver Foodie Tour soon! 

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