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Foodies Worldwide: Outstanding Eggs

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Hi Foodies!

Earlier this year, we introduced the first “Foodies Worldwide” post on our blog. We were inspired by the breadth of food photos that are posted on social media each day, by foodies all over the globe! From perfectly-cooked steaks in Singapore to meticulously-crafted chocolates in Melbourne, there is no shortage of #foodporn to be found. This week, we scoured the digital world for innovative takes on a household staple: eggs!

Ready to eggsplore the eggcentricities from around the globe? If you don’t like puns, leave now…we’re not yolking around!

1. Just some casual home-cooking from Pontos, Spain…she really came out of her shell, wouldn’t you say?


2. Brilliant ideas hatching from Catalunya restaurant, Hong Kong….

HK Eggs

3. In Vancouver, rice usually goes on the outside, but hey! Tomato tamago, right?



4. Does this scotch egg look confrontational to you? Better walk on shells around these guys….(London, England)

A scotch egg is a hard-boiled egg encased in sausage meat, rolled in breadcrumbs, and fried. Eggstraordinary! 

Scotch Egg

5. I like big yolks and I cannot lie! (Hong Kong)

Egg Tostada

6. This place in Los Angeles is called Egg Slut. No pun required.



7. That bun really is cray.  Another great find from Hong Kong!

Egg Bun


8. Go go giant tamago! Found at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan.


9. In San Francisco, this savoury muffin holds an eggcellent surprise.

Craftsman and Wolves

10. An finally, from our own Granville Island Market Tour in Vancouver, BC – the signature eggs benedict from Edible Canada will have you b-egging for more!

Eggs Benny

Have you had an eggceptional eggperience somewhere in your city? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Thanks for the read, Foodies – stay hungry!

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