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Foodies Worldwide: New York, New York

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Don’t get us wrong, we love Vancouver. We know multiculturalism, unparalleled seafood, and a certain West Coast charm makes our city a coveted destination for foodies. We know this, and we love to call this place home.

But, with our ongoing blog series, Foodies Worldwide, we’ve been spending a lot of time in the digital world, prowling the socialsphere for jaw-dropping dishes across the globe. And New York? Gosh, there’s just no place like it. The things to eat in that city will amuse you, confuse you, and above all, be impossible to refuse!

10 Reasons Why Foodies Can’t Help but LOVE New York:

1) Packaging in the Big Apple is spot on. We already wanted the french fries, but now, we might just believe those home frites are the best french fries in the world.


2) New York is home to the original Momofuku Milk Bar. If any Toronto food lovers are reading this blog, there’s a Momofuku in your city, too. Head over there and think of us, okay?


3) NYC serves their burrata like it’s headlining at Madison Square Garden. And oh, you get a front row seat.


4) In New York City, one cone is not enough. I’m pretty sure this would stop traffic in Vancouver, too.

Double Ice Cream

7) Even the delicate macaron gets dressed to impress. It’s like New York Fashion Week, Pastry Edition.


6) You might want to keep this lollipop away from the kids.

Fois Gras Pop


7) In the Big Apple, there are things like the “Fries of New York Exhibit,” where they fancy potato swirls in glass display cases. Well here’s a news flash, New York: These things are called “rotatos” and Vancouverites eat them at the Richmond Night Market every summer like it’s no big deal.


8) In NYC, pho is too cool to be in a bowl. (Actually, we’ve seen pho sandwiches in a few places in North America, most recently at Lardo in Portland!)

Pho Sandwich

9) Dumplings are triangular, because New York is New York and they do what they want.


10) Sure this ramen looks pretty good – it actually reminds me of the bowls from Harvest in Vancouver’s Chinatown. But this isn’t about the ramen, it’s about where the ramen from. The place is called “Ramen Lab by Sun Noodle”…and yes, it’s like a laboratory. They host educational seminars and courses, ramen tastings and private events, and a variety of programs that help share the obsession for ramen! Just take our money already, okay?



Oh New York, New York! Your food can be outrageous, outlandish, but it’s always so gosh darn good-looking, we just can’t help but love you.

Thanks for the read, Foodies! If you’d like to follow more of our foodie musings, find us on Instagram at @vanfoodietours. Until next time, stay hungry!

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