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Ease the Transition Back to the Office

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In 2020, in the face of the pandemic, many businesses switched to remote work, with workers embracing the flexibility of remote work. However, leaders have found that building meaningful connections and cultivating a sense of belonging is much more attainable when team members are physically together. 

As the pandemic begins to recede, organizations are for looking ways to bridge the gap between team members in order to facilitate creative communications, rebuild relationships and strengthen corporate culture. Some employees may be resistant to transitioning to working onsite due to safety concerns or the reluctance to give up the flexibility of working from home. Others may prefer to work exclusively from the office to get more face time with the team. How do leaders create common ground between their employees, no matter where they choose to work?

Leaders need to find ways to evolve the office so that it becomes a destination of choice employees want to be a part of and will make the trip for. Leadership must prioritize employee’s concerns around safety and lifestyle, while demonstrating the tangible benefits of coming together for on-site work and bonding opportunities. 

Focusing on the social aspects of working together in person can help ease the transition back to the office. During the pandemic, many people have felt isolated, and lacked energy and excitement for the future, according to Adam Grant, a well-known organizational psychologist at the Wharton School. Thoughtful gestures, such as sending a quality, local gift basket can have a lasting positive impact on employee’s loyalty and engagement. A fun team building activity for team members to bond and forge friendships at work is a great way to improve wellbeing, and empathy.

Vancouver Foodie Tours bring people together to uncover common ground and broaden perspectives by experiencing food and learning about our communities. The simple ritual of sharing a meal together reduces anxieties and creates a safer space at work. In-person interactions are more effective in building relationships and facilitating breakthroughs. Michael Gelb, the author of The Art of Connection, has shown that in-person communication is 34x more effective compared to email. Imagine the empathy and social bonding that can be built when teams come together for a Vancouver Foodie Tour.


Food is the access point to:


  • Build friendships at work through meaningful connections
  • Cultivate sense of belonging


  • Welcome new employees and celebrate employee achievements
  • Build a fun work culture


  • Celebrate Vancouver reopening
  • Discover and appreciate new things about your community 

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