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Donut Spectacular at Granville Island

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This weekend, Granville Island hosts the annual Winterruption Festival – a celebration of arts, culture, food and music. Though the Winterruption itinerary looks impressive as ever, there’s one particular event that we like to think is (unofficially) headlining the gig: The Donut Spectacular at Lee’s Donuts.


Featured on our Granville Island Market Tour, Lee’s Donuts is the crown jewel of the Public Market. Bakers of this family business arrive each day between 4-6am to prepare fresh batches of honey-glazed, chocolate-dipped, joy-filled, melt-in-your-mouth donuts! For Winterruption, Lee’s has added two limited edition flavours to their all-star line up. Here’s what to beeline for:

One Dozen Dynamite Flavours at The Donut Spectacular

Get ’em while they last – these won’t be there for long!

1. Winterruption Feature #1: Orange
Sweet and citrus, this limited edition white cake donut is topped with orange icing, orange zest, and crushed orange candy.
FullSizeRender (2)

2. Winterruption Feature #2: Mocha
Coffee chocolate cake donut glazed with a mocha icing. Pair it with a cup of coffee from JJ Bean for a blissful morning!
FullSizeRender (3)

3. Strawberry
A white cake donut glazed with a sweet strawberry icing.

4. French
A VFT Favourite! Made with a special flour, this spiralled, chewy donut is reminiscent of a French choux pastry. We heard it might not be around for much longer, so it’s time to seize the day!

5. Chocolate Sprinkle
If you’re looking for an Instagram photo, this is your donut.
FullSizeRender (1)

6. Powdered Sugar
A white cake donut coated with powdered icing sugar.

7. Honey-Dipped 
“This donut changed my life.” A common phrase from our Foodie Tour guests on the Granville Island Market Tour!


8. Mint
 A chocolate cake donut glazed with mint icing.

9. Coconut
 A white cake donut encased in shredded coconut.

10. Double Chocolate
Another VFT favourite! Chocolate cake donut glazed with rich chocolate icing.

11. Jelly
Only the best! This plump creation is “jam-packed” with traditional raspberry jam. We also love the mango-filled version…

12. Maple
If you’re keen to take on a Canadian classic, you can’t go wrong with this white cake donut glazed with maple icing!

These are a dozen of our favourite flavours, but there will be lot of choices on the shelves for Winterruption! We have yet to meet a Lee’s Donut we didn’t love. One last piece of advice? Lee’s makes fresh donuts all throughout the day, but those who arrive between 10-11am will have the whole wall of flavours to choose from. Happy feasting!




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