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Cheers! It’s Craft Beer Month in Vancouver!

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33 Acres Brewing Company
15 W 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Monday – Thursday: 12-9PM
Friday – Saturday: 11-11PM
Sunday: 12-5PM

I feel obligated to tell you that today’s blog post doesn’t contain food. However, today marks the middle-point of Craft Beer Month in Vancouver, so I took advantage of the occasion to feature a local, Vancouver craft brewery. I’m proud to share the dynamic story behind the new 33 Acres Brewing Company and how it’s unpretentious nature, immaculate design, and well-mannered beer came to be. This minimalistic brewery and beer-tasting room opened it doors just a few months ago, in what appeared to me as an unsuspecting neighbourhood for the operation. Perched inconspicuously on W 8th Avenue, amongst the browning-trees between Ontario and Manitoba Street, you’ll find the modest storefront and impressive brew space of 33 Acres Brewing Company.


To my fellow Pinteresters who fawn over beautiful spaces and interior design, let me tell you: 33 Acres is most Pinteresting. Stark white walls are made welcoming with soft, hued lighting. The colour pallet is so wonderfully simple and so accurately West Coast. Whites, browns, and dark greens, accented by the slate grey floor, create the oceanic sentiment that you’d hope from a homegrown Vancouver spot. In the late afternoon, a dusky light shines through the large windows, illuminating the space as a cozy, yet sophisticated, escape. I did take a few snaps on my camera for this post, but 33 Acres deserves to be seen in full glory.




The name 33 Acres pays tribute to the roots of the Sakatchewan-raised owner, Josh. 33 Acres speaks to the labour of the land, the hard work that it demands, and the natural beauty that it holds. This mantra was woven into their mission, neatly expressed as such:

Our vision was born out of enjoyment for the binding elements of life. The spirit of community sharing; Drink, food, conversation, space, and ideas. We carry a strong appreciation for the boundless limits created by hard work. We’re influenced by the natural elements of our surroundings, fueled by creative thinking, and driven to make the highest quality product.

When I visited 33 Acres, there were 3 beers on tap: a seasonal (for Oktoberfest), a hybrid lager and ale called 33 Acres of Life (California Common), and 33 Acres of Ocean (West Coast Pale Ale.) As a casual beer drinker, I really appreciate the limited options; I am instead intrigued by the thought and precision that goes into each variety. I’m not usually head-over-heels for beer, but I will say the West Coast Pale Ale was downright refreshing. If you look at the menu board below, you’ll see that there are a diverse number of ways to enjoy what’s on tap.


Perhaps what 33 Acres is most known for (and what brought me to the location) are their Growlers. The Growler itself is this ultra-vintage bottle, which is yours to keep for $5. Filling up your Growler is $11.50 and pours about 5 beers. Once you’ve drank it all, you can clean the bottle and bring it back for another $11.50 refill. As a green-washed Vancouverite, it’s hard not to fall for this limited-packaging, bulk-supplying brewery. I walked away with a Growler of Ocean that night; however, I see that the Growler now comes in a very chic ceramic edition, so I’ll likely be going back to pick one up. Schemes like this, I can’t deny.



Though I only had a moment to peer over the actual brewery, I do know that the 33 Acres staff are more than wiling to show you around the space. The lofty, cutting edge room is certainly something to be proud of. Josh had an active part in renovations, building upgrades, even installing the brewing kit itself. His passion for perfection and commitment can be seen throughout the space, right to the panels of the wooden ceiling that he spent weeks restoring.


IMG_3246 IMG_3247

The story behind 33 Acres is certainly an admirable one, but more than that, I think that they are making a real impact on their community. In a city where many associate “brewery” with the massive Molson site on Burrard and Cornwall, 33 Acres functions as a human space that is simple, professional, and welcoming. It serves a functional purpose to the neighbourhood, providing residents with the opportunity to support local products in a sustainable and economical way. Yet, it also functions as an ordinary occasion, featuring a pleasant and relaxing environment to enjoy a great beer. Though the people behind Craft Beer Month serve to promote local products throughout the year, October is the official month dedicated to this cause. It’s a perfect excuse (as if we needed one!) to celebrate and support local breweries.




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