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BRUNCH: Hidden Gems in Vancouver

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Hello Foodies!

For the next three weeks, Vancouver Foodie Tours is partnering with Expedia Canada to bring you from morning-to-night in Vancouver, giving you the inside scoop on the way a local might dine. Keep your eyes peeled as the highlights from our Vancouver food blog appear on Expedia Canada’s Travel Blog – it’s a great resource for things to do, eat, and see in Vancouver and across the country!

Here in Vancouver, there are two things that locals will wake up for on a weekend morning: it’s either to run a marathon or to go out for brunch, and both instances are taken quite seriously. In the case of the latter, it’s important to note that getting a reservation for brunch in Vancouver is a rarity. The food can certainly be worth the wait, but you (and your stomach) should be prepared for a line-up during peak brunch hours at well-known Vancouver restaurants.

Thankfully, in every city, there are hidden gems to be found. Though we can’t promise zero wait-time at these local digs, you’re sure to find an authentic, delicious, and memorable breakfast/brunch at these 5 hidden gems in Vancouver.

Finch’s Tea and Coffee

353 W Pender Street
Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM
Saturday: 11AM – 4PM
(Sunday: CLOSED)
Breakfast served every day

Best Brunch Vancouver, Finch's Tea and Coffee

Rustic and quaint, this charming, homey café hardly belongs in Vancouver’s modern downtown core. Despite the vintage furniture and chalkboard menu, you’ll spot suits and pencils skirts as regulars throughout the week.

Finch’s menu is a simple one, combining prosciuttos, salamis, brie cheeses, avocados and fresh vegetables, with crusty French baguettes and medium-boiled eggs. Regardless of your selection, you’ll quickly realize that Finch’s has mastered each of their items in price, value, and presentation. Both the House Breakfast (whole-grain toast, two medium-boiled eggs, tomatoes, prosciutto, avocado and cucumber) and the signature Pear Sandwich (pear, blue brie, prosciutto, roasted walnuts oil & vinegar) will fill you up for under $10.

Linh Café

2836 W 4th Avenue
Wednesday – Friday: 11AM- 9:30PM
Saturday – Sunday: 9AM – 9:30PM
(Monday – Tuesday: CLOSED)
Brunch served every day

As a blend of traditional French cooking and modern Vietnamese cuisine, Linh Café is a place where you can taste the multicultural diversity of Vancouver. Does Duck Confit Cassoulet tickle your fancy? Or a piping hot bowl of Pho Bo – beef noodle soup? Though there are a few vegetarian dishes on the menu, the patés, rillettes, sweetbreads and oh – the Poutine topped with poached egg, black forest ham and half a butter-poached lobster – makes this café a meat-lovers paradise. Prices are higher at this cultured Kitsilano restaurant, but the portion-size is made to match.

Le Marché St. George

4393 St. George
Monday – Friday: 8AM – 6PM
Saturday – Sunday: 8AM – 6PM
Breakfast served every day

Best Brunch Vancouver, Le Marche St George

If you blink, you might miss it. Even if you’re looking for it, you might miss it. The house-like structure of Le Marché St. George blends right in with its residential neighborhood, so keep your eyes peeled along the corner of St. George and E 28th Ave. From the wooden shelves lined with local artisan goods to the petite-sized seating area, the row of cherry blossom trees out front to the freezer stocked with Earnest Ice Cream, this little corner café is the definition of a Vancouver hidden gem.

The fresh crêpes, frittatas and savoury flatbreads are all favourites at Le Marché St. George, especially paired with a photogenic latte. If the Smoked Turkey, Fig Jam and Brie crepe is on the menu, I urge you to seize the moment! You won’t be disappointed.

Tuc Craft Kitchen

60 W Cordova Street
Brunch on Saturday-Sunday, 10AM – 3PM only

Gastown is hardly is a low-profile neighbourhood, but Tuc Craft Kitchen has somehow managed to fly under the mainstream brunch radar. In a city where restaurant space is at a premium, it’s refreshing to dine beneath the lofty ceilings and take in old-world interior at Tuc. The impressive list of “Morning Cocktails” doesn’t hurt, either!

Tuc’s brunch menu is bold, but it might be one of the best in Vancouver. Touting hearty plates like Lamb & Eggs, 3-egg Vegetable Frittata and Crispy Chicken and Waffles, it’s the perfect place to recover after a late-night in the city. The Pork Belly Crackling and a Lavender Latte are extra-special perks for brunch!

To read our full review on Tuc Craft Kitchen, click here!

Nelson the Seagull

315 Carrall St
Monday- Friday: 8AM – 5PM
Saturday – Sunday: 9AM – 5PM
Breakfast served every day

Best Brunch Vancouver, Nelson the Seagull

If you’re a sucker for sourdough bread, Nelson the Seagull belongs at the top of your list. The brother-sister owners bake fresh loaves every morning and the fragrant smell makes their quiet, old-fashioned space truly irresistible. Life is simple, calm, and wonderful in this café.

Poached Eggs on Sourdough is the basis of breakfast at Nelson the Seagull, with options of roast beef, tomatoes, avocado and the like as additions. There’s also Bread and Butter and Muesli with Milk or Yogurt. For a quiet and reflective morning in Gastown, Nelson the Seagull is a great place to indulge in life’s simple pleasures.

For more great places to enjoy your morning coffee, check out this articles on the Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver.

Thanks for the read, Foodies! Join us next week as we uncover the best patios (and outdoor eats) in Vancouver!

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