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Best Gastown Restaurants: Meat and Bread

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Meat and Bread $$ | Sandwich Shop
370 Water St | 604-566-9003

Meat and Bread is an Official Tasting Partner on our Gastronomic Gastown Tour!

There are some people who just get it right. They are the masters of their craft and they know their market. When it comes to food, these people recognize that the most-resilient concepts are often strikingly simple and indisputably delicious.

Think of the Meatball Shop in New York City, the Waffle Window in Portland, or Beecher’s Cheese in Seattle. Meat and Bread is that icon in Vancouver. The headliner? A crispy, juicy, porchetta sandwich assembled-to-order in a room that is as trendy as the Gastown crowd that eats there.

Meat and Bread3

Meat and Bread is perfect for:

Affirming your belief that a darn good meal can be enjoyed by the common folk. The menu is quick, economical, and hits the bullseye every time.

You’ve got to try: The Porchetta Sandwich

Meat and Bread1

Crispy pork crackling, chucks of slow-roasted pork and a lip-smacking salsa verde. The Porchetta cannot be overstated. Take a page from our Gastronomic Gastown Tour and pair it with a cold 33 Acres beer. The Meatball Sandwich is a close second and the Grilled Cheese is weirdly impressive.

However, if you happen to find yourself at Meat and Bread around Christmas, you’ll need to drop everything for their Turducken Sandwich. It only graces Gastown 3 days a year, so just go ahead and plan your trip to Vancouver around this.

Leave room for dessert:

Meat and Bread 2

Just when you think you’ve ascended to foodie heaven, you’ll spot the Beta 5 Ice Cream Sandwiches up at the counter. They’re the key to the golden gates.

The back story:

When Meat and Bread opened in 2010, Gastown was in its early stages of becoming a foodie destination in Vancouver. There was a handful of well-known establishments that had put Gastown on the map, but the cobblestone streets were then void of the chic coffee shops, artisan ice creameries, and eclectic taco joints that foodies frequent today.

Meat and Bread owners, Cord Jarvie and Frankie Harrington, were long-time friends who entered the scene with a clear-cut vision. They would bring to Vancouver a ritual they shared while working together in Dublin: enjoying the magic of fresh hand-carved sandwiches made with top-quality meats.

Meat and Bread has since opened a second location in downtown Vancouver, while also expanding to Victoria, BC and Seattle, Washington.

Explore the best of Gastown with a Gastown food tour! 

Daily Gastown Food Tours depart at 3:00pm. 



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