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A Local’s Guide to the Best Chinese Food in Richmond

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Even though it’s technically a half hour Skytrain ride away, Richmond, BC, has been called Vancouver’s new Chinatown. You know what? We couldn’t agree more. It’s where 74% of the population is ethnically Chinese, there are 800+ Asian restaurants, and the food culture couldn’t get much more authentic. For all these reasons and more, we host our Authentic Asian Eats Tour in Richmond, even though we’re a Vancouver-based company.

Still, at 800+ Asian restaurants, it can be an overwhelming place to navigate. That’s why we put together this local’s guide to the best Chinese restaurants in Metro Vancouver—all of which are, of course, in Richmond.

Dim Sum 

richmond vancouver dim sum dishes

Looking for the best dim sum in Metro Vancouver? Our two favourite dim sum places have been in the game a long time, offering consistently outstanding Cantonese cuisine and upbeat service. Note that you must make reservations. We also recommend going at the start of service, when the food is freshest, and the wait-times are shortest.

Fisherman’s Terrace

Try the prawn dumplings, pan-fried rice rolls, and fried bitter melon mochi balls. (We know anything with the word “bitter” in it doesn’t sound too appetizing, but trust us on this!)

Kirin Restaurant

Try the siu mai pork dumplings, taro puffs, steamed rice rolls, egg tarts, and the (extremely luscious) durian mochi balls.  


Kam Do Bakery Richmond Chinese Bakery Vancouver

There is nothing quite as unique and magical as a proper Chinese bakery offering up an almost overwhelming variety of custards, pastes, and creams. These are the ones that make our mouths water.

Kam Do

Try the traditional wintermelon wife’s cakes—Kam Do is known throughout North America for this delicate treat.

La Patisserie

Try the fresh mango cakes, swiss rolls, and turnip and taro cakes (which are available during the Chinese New Year only).


Chinese barbeque, or siu mei, serves up the smoky, crispy pleasures of all barbequed food, but with brightly coloured, distinctively flavoured marinades of Cantonese cuisine.

HK BBQ Master

Try the barbeque pork and soy sauce chicken. They’re the best-known dishes at this well-known restaurant that Chef David Chang and Seth Rogen featured on their Netflix documentary Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Parker Place Aberdeen Fresh Meat & BBQ

Try their barbecue pork belly with crispy crackling skin. Locals queue up all afternoon to get their fresh barbequed meats. Don’t worry, the lineups move along quickly.

Hong Kong Style Diner

li do restaurant richmond vancouver

Diners are all about comfort food, and the dishes served in Hong Kong diners are no exception. With a historically eclectic culture, Hong Kong cuisine is fusion-forward and unique, and the diner is where you’ll find the finger-licking crowd favourites.

Li Do

Try the oven-fresh pineapple buns, silky-smooth milk tea, and satay beef noodles.

Copa Café

Try their baked pork chop on rice for the ultimate comfort food experience.

Hot Pot

HaiDiLao Hotpot Vancouver meats

How delightful is it to watch fresh ingredients cook to perfection before your eyes in a savoury hot pot broth? It’s a dish that’s just as entertaining as it is satisfying.  

HaiDiLao Hot Pot

Any of their hot pots are delectable, and if you’re lucky, you can see servers perform a “changing face” dance. This Sichuan style of opera involves singers changing masks rapidly throughout a thrilling performance.

The Dolar Shop

Again, all the hot pot options are good, and so are their appetizers and desserts.

Bubble Tea

Wushiland Boba Tea Richmond Vancouver Bubble Tea

This delectable, uniquely interactive beverage has taken North America by storm in recent years, and for good reason. What’s more fun than a sweet drink with edible balls of tapioca bouncing around in the froth?

Wushiland Boba

Try any of their teas—the boba (tapioca ball) will always be perfectly chewy.

Leisure Cafe

Try their passionfruit green tea with pearls—and if you’re peckish, we also love the popcorn chicken and fish tempura.


l'otus cake boutique mille crepe matcha cake

In Asia, as elsewhere, dessert is served after the main course, and usually accompanied by tea.

L’OTUS Cake Boutique

Try their delicate matcha or chocolate crepe cakes.

Excellent Tofu & Snacks

Try their classic tofu pudding with ginger syrup.

That’s our guide to Metro Vancouver’s best Asian food! If you come on one of our Richmond food tours, you’re going to sample some of these delicacies while learning so much about their cultural context. And remember, a place with 800+ Asian restaurants is a nearly bottomless world of culinary exploration. Want to get started?

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