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A Foodie Halloween: 10 Jokes Worth Serving

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Happy Halloween, Foodies!

We hope you have an indulgent and utterly spooky day. We did a little prowling on the internet this week to find our favourite kind of Halloween jokes – the knee-slapping kind with a special foodie twist! And boy, did we hit the jack-o-lantern! We’ll certainly be telling a few on our Foodie Tours today!

Note: We did not make ANY of these up….but we kind of wish we did!

Q: What did a Jack-o-lantern say to the pumpkin?
A: Cut it out!

Q: What do ghosts eat for supper?
A: Spooketi

Q: Why did the skeleton cross the road?
A: To get to the body shop.

Q: What kind of dessert does a ghost like?
A: I scream!

Q: What is a pumpkin’s favourite sport?
A: Squash

Q: What do vampires take when they are sick?
A: Coffin drops!

Q: What do you use to mend a jack-o-lantern?
A: A pumpkin patch.

Q: What does a skeleton say before dinner?
A: Bone appetit!

A skeleton walks in to a bar. He goes to the bartender and says, “I’m going to need a beer and a mop.”

Monster: It is a very hot day today! 
Witch: So, can I make you a lemonade? 
Monster: Yes! 
Witch: Poof! You’re lemonade! 

Happy Halloween from the VFT Team!


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