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Cheer Up, Buttercup! The Best Desserts in Vancouver to Make Things Right

Raincouver. It’s back. It’s just the beginning. We saw over 30cm of rain in the last seven days. I was headed downtown across the Burrard Street bridge on of these monsoon-like mornings, thinking about “the season of comfort food.” Cold and dreary weather makes foodies yearn for all things warm, hearty, sweet, and decadent. As […]

Our Top 5 Summer Hits in Vancouver

It was a rough week, wouldn’t you agree? Back-to-school promotions took over every store window and “The Return of your Favourite Shows” made the front page of the paper. In every direction, it seems that we are being urged along toward the impending doom of Fall. Well, you know what? We stuffed our bellies with […]

Goodbye Carbs, Hello Beets.

In case you haven’t noticed, being active and eating healthy is a big thing to in Vancouver, especially in the summer. Even as a die-hard foodie, I will admit that I attempt to make healthier choices like running (to the ice cream shop), stretching (before eating), and healthy choices (see below) during the summer season. […]

Good Food, Good Meeting

If you’re a bit Food Network fan like me, you’ll understand the gravity behind the phrase “sometimes, simple is best.” On competitive shows like Top Chef, Masterchef, Food Network Star, and even Iron Chef, those who are able to produce simple dishes with flawless execution often find success. People can appreciate and identify with simple […]

Winter…is no longer coming.

There’s an new kind of energy in Vancouver’s air this week…Have you noticed it? Have you breathed it in? There’s a new kind of bounce in our step and a cheeriness in our spirit. Perhaps it’s the hint of sakura blossoms tickling our noses? Perhaps it’s the sunshine teasing us through the clouds? One thing’s […]

#TBT is load of compost

Are you on Facebook? A Twitterrite? An Instagrammer? Sure you are. You’re reading our blog, for goodness’ sake (and so you should! We have a very special announcement this week). If you’ve been exposed at all to social media, you’ve probably come across the hashtag #TBT. #TBT, or #ThrowbackThursday, is a fun reason to share […]

The Growing Pains of Food Trucks in Vancouver

If you’ve paid attention to the food-related headlines that swept Vancouver in the last year, it doesn’t take long to realize that the city has some long-standing history that has shaped the community and its lifestyle. Happy hours – discounted food/liquor prices during select periods of the day – are still in the works of […]

Frugal Foodie in Vancouver – Spring 2014

We’re back with another edition of “Frugal Foodie in Vancouver!” With the indulgent Christmas season, Dine Out Vancouver, and Valentine’s Day under our belts, it seems appropriate for us to uphold our duty as a Vancouver food blog and highlight a few great finds that are also great on your wallet. Though the timing for […]

Vancouver International Wine Festival Returns

The highly-coveted Vancouver International Wine Festival returns to the city from Monday February 24 – Sunday March 2, 2014.  Featuring a series of wine tasting events, winery dinners, seminars and minglers, it’s no surprise that it’s an anticipated thing to do in Vancouver. With just under two weeks until the festivities begin, many events are […]

VFT Presents: One Day Only – Edition #1

This week, we continue our foodie travel series, with one very special feature destination: Vancouver. If you haven’t noticed from our blog already, it’s no secret that there are countless foodie things to do in Vancouver. In our blog, we’ve taken to featuring one restaurant per week; however, with thousands of restaurants in the city, […]

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