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What tours do you host?

I host the Best of Downtown Tour and the Granville Island Market Tour.

So, you’re a private chef in Vancouver. What’s that like?

Amazing! I’ve cooked for the world’s greatest chefs, catering to the elite, and I’ve eaten at the top restaurants in the world! Food is my obsession, my passion, my drive, and Vancouver is my home.

What are some of your fondest food memories?

I’ve explored and devoured 17 countries and will eat almost anything, from crispy black scorpion on the streets of Bangkok to a 12-course tasting menu with wine pairings at the fourth best restaurant in the world. I’m an adventurous spirit and a pretty multi-talented chef.

Why do you love being a Vancouver Foodie Tour guide?

Born and raised in this beautiful city, I’m proud to represent Vancouver. Despite my vegetarian upbringing, I quickly grew to love meat and all things edible! My search always continues for exotic ingredients, new flavours, local delicacies, and the world’s best food!

“Nadia is absolutely amazing – she has by far given the best food tour I have ever been on! You will walk away full and happy. I cannot recommend this tour more!”

– Najin K

Which tour is right for me?

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Gastronomic Gastown Tour

Our most popular tour! Discover the maze of food and drinks in Vancouver’s #1 Foodie district.

Granville Island Market Tour

The inside track at the world famous Public Market.

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Authentic Asian Eats Tour

An Insider’s Guide to World-Class Chinese Cuisine

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