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Meet Michael, the fun-loving father of twins, actor, musician, and ultimate food enthusiast! He’s all about spicing up life with simple health hacks, and finding out which supplements and foods can really optimize our health (pro tip: dried parsley for the win!). Michael’s got a huge heart for connecting with folks from every corner of the globe.

Living in vibrant Vancouver for over three decades, Michael loves the city’s diverse vibes, breathtaking mountains, and mouthwatering food scene. He’s all about giving his kids the best of this urban gem.

When he’s not guiding foodie tours, you might catch Michael painting, working on electronic music, or dancing with friends. Singing really lights him up, and he’s on a mission to soak up more events, nature, and, of course, scrumptious eats.

Leading foodie tours is Michael’s playground. He’s a pro at making everyone feel right at home and turning the tour into an unforgettable bash. He loves the thrill of breaking the ice with shyer guests and spreading joy all around. For Michael, it’s all about cranking up the fun factor.

Choosing a tour with Michael means experiencing Vancouver with a guide who’s not only family-friendly but also deeply knowledgeable and enthusiastic about showcasing the city’s best. His tours are thoughtfully crafted to highlight the unique charm of each neighborhood and the culinary gems that await.

In essence, Michael is your friendly and knowledgeable companion for exploring Granville Island and beyond. He’s passionate about sharing the city he loves and ensuring your tour is nothing short of spectacular. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Michael—it’s sure to be a highlight of your Vancouver visit!

“The tour was the highlight of an already wonderful trip. Michael was a terrific guide, so fun and knowledgeable. The tastings were amazing. It was an experience I will definitely recommend to others!”

– Lorie P,  TripAdvisor

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