Resident Dramaturge

What tours do you host?
I host them all! Join me on the Gastronomic Gastown Tour, Best of Downtown Tour, and Granville Island Market Tour.

Where do you get your contagious culinary prowess?
As a passionate foodie, I’ve been enjoying Vancouver’s culinary creations since I moved to the city at the age of four. Like the rest of us, I’ve also travelled the world! I think I’ve visited over 25 cities in 14 countries, and I’m always fueled by a desire to taste and experience new things.

What are some of your favourite foodie moments?
Touring the caves of Moet et Chandon in Champagne, France; tasting fresh cocoa seeds from a plantation in Ghana, West Africa; and sipping passionfruit daiquiris on the beaches of Margarita, Venezuela.

Can you name some of your favourite eats in Vancouver?
Yes! My favorite local foods are the tuna tacos from Los Cuervos Taqueria y Cantina, and the xiao long bao (soup-filled dumplings) from Peaceful Restaurant.

When you’re hosting Vancouver Foodie Tours, where will we find you?
If I’m not devouring dumplings, you will find me singing, acting and/or dancing on the stages of the local theatres. If you take my tour, you’ll get an exclusive performance of my signature Vancouver Foodie Tours Song…you won’t want to miss it!

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The inside track at the world famous Public Market.

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