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Meet Mack, our vibrant and inquisitive foodie tour guide with a flair for comedy and a deep appreciation for literature. His passion for understanding the human experience and his desire to make people feel less alone through laughter make him a uniquely engaging host. Mack’s positive and upbeat nature, combined with his discerning taste, means he’s always open to new experiences but isn’t afraid to be selective.

Since moving to Vancouver in 2019, Mack has embraced the city’s perfectly sized landscape, which offers a balance between being a specialist’s haven and a treasure trove of hidden gems. He’s particularly fascinated by Vancouver’s evolving nightlife and cultural hubs, like the Green Auto, an old auto body shop turned vibrant venue for live concerts and cultural events.

Mack’s love for people energizes him, and he relishes the opportunity to connect with guests from all walks of life on his foodie tours. He’s intrigued by the diverse backgrounds of his guests and is always eager to learn about their lives and experiences.

Hosting foodie tours allows Mack to share his love for Vancouver, offering guests a taste of something different while teaching them about the city’s history and quirky trivia. His tours are characterized by a blend of fun facts, nightlife insights, and a flexible approach that caters to his guests’ interests.

Here are three reasons to experience Vancouver with Mack: his knack for sharing intriguing trivia, his connection to the city’s nightlife scene, and his ability to tailor tours to his guests’ preferences.

Mack is a calm, collected, and in-depth foodie host who brings a unique perspective to every tour.

“We had such a blast with Mack leading the way. We tried so much good food we wouldn’t have found on our own.”

– SandraP,  TripAdvisor

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