Foodie Tour Guide
What tours do you host?
I host the Granville Island Market Tour and the Best of Downtown Tour.
Where have you travelled?
Places travelled : Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, France, Greece, Italy, Barcelona, San Francisco, Turkey, Montenegro
Why do you love Vancouver?
What other city could you go from the city to the water and into the mountains and back to the city all in one day! I love the multiculturalism, and that, of course, reflects the food scene. You have a craving for a certain type of food? We’ve got it! 
What’s a food that you can’t resist?
There are so many to choose from…I think it would have to be soupy noodles. Being Chinese, I can’t stay away from soupy noodles too long, and in any way, shape or form. From instant spicy ramen at home , to a fragrant hot bowl of pho in that hole in the wall place, to wonton noodles, you name it, I’ll slurp it!
What does food mean to you?
Food to me means community. I love the way it brings people together; the conversations that happen around the table or over a great glass of wine. I love the way people always remember one amazing meal they’ve had and who they shared it with! 
Why do you love hosting Vancouver Foodie Tours?
I love hosting Foodie Tours because it really encompasses everything I love: building relationships with vendors, meeting people from around the world, showing off our amazing city, the inside scoop of the food scene, and of course the epic foodie guides’ dinners and outings! 

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Gastronomic Gastown Tour

Our most popular tour! Discover the maze of food and drinks in Vancouver’s #1 Foodie district.

Granville Island Market Tour

The inside track at the world famous Public Market.

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Authentic Asian Eats Tour

An Insider’s Guide to World-Class Chinese Cuisine

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