Operations Specialist

What tours do you host?

I don’t actually host any of the tours, but I take care of the details to make sure all tours are running smoothly! 

Where have you travelled?

My family is quite international – I have relatives spread out around the world and have been lucky enough to travel visit them! I have been to several places in Asia, such as, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and I was brought up in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve also traveled within North America to several states, including Hawaii, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, and most recently New York! I also spent a year in Perth, Australia. 

What’s a food you absolutely cannot resist?

Being part Japanese, I always crave ramen or sushi. With that said, I also believe that I must have been Italian in a past life, because I can never have too much pizza or pasta either! 

What are your hobbies (besides eating)?

I love singing…I find it extremely cathartic! I also love animals and have recently adopted an adorable rescue named Bodhi! 

What does food mean to you?

I believe that food makes the world go round! So many fond memories are centered around food…it truly brings people together! 

What is a fond food memory you’ve had?

Every time I cook with my partner! Particularly, when I taught him how to make gnocchi from scratch! 

Why do you love Vancouver?

Vancouver is such a beautiful city with something to offer for everyone – hiking, art, and food…oh, the food! The culinary scene has really exploded over the past decade or so! There are so many new restaurants popping up, it’s hard to keep track! My must-eat list is getting really big! 

“I can’t rave enough about Vancouver Foodie Tours! My mom and her friends are only going to be in Vancouver one day and were bummed to hear all their tours were booked. I reached out and they opened a new tour time so that my mom and all her friends could go! Now that’s amazing customer service!!!”
– Karlie H

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