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Meet Gina, your vibrant and warm-hearted guide at Vancouver Foodie Tours. With her roots in a small town and a big heart that wears its love for people on its sleeve, Gina is the epitome of a genuine and caring host. Since moving to Vancouver from a Saskatchewan family farm in 1994, she has embraced the city’s diverse and dynamic spirit, from the snowy mountain peaks to the cosmopolitan downtown, the lush forests, and the sailing waters.

As a mother of three girls, Gina knows the value of keeping life interesting and staying on her toes. She finds energy in nature, whether it’s sailing, hiking, or relaxing at the beach, and she loves celebrating life’s milestones, especially birthdays, as a way to honor each person’s unique journey. Gina’s passion for energy healing reflects her deep commitment to helping others transform and find joy.

Hosting foodie tours is where Gina’s love for people and her city truly shines. She delights in the dynamic interactions with guests, whether on intimate private tours or lively corporate outings. Her natural ability to create bonds and ensure everyone feels comfortable is what makes her tours memorable. Gina’s enthusiasm for Vancouver is contagious, and she looks forward to sharing the special vibe of Granville Island, a place that melts away her worries and inspires her every time.

If you’re looking for an authentic, fun-filled Vancouver experience, join Gina on a foodie tour. Her passion, grace, and generosity will ensure you have a wonderful time, with the freedom to be yourself and the comfort of natural connections. Embrace the ease and flow of the city with Gina, and let her share her natural love and passion for Vancouver, making your visit truly joyful and unforgettable.

“Gina was our tour guide and she did a fantastic job!! She knows so much about the food, the people who own and operate the small businesses and on top of that it was an absolutely beautiful day. We had a blast! I will definitely be recommending this experience to everyone who enjoys food and downtown Vancouver.”

– Judy Chun, Google Reviews


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