Operations Specialist

What’s your role at Vancouver Foodie Tours?

I’m on the Operations Team! We take care of the details behind the scenes and I also coordinate our Private Tours.

Where have you travelled?

U.S., England, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Barbados, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Africa and Zambia. In Canada, I still need to see Newfoundland, the Yukon and Nunavut!

What’s a food you can’t resist?

I absolutely cannot resist Dungeness Crab. It is my special occasion treat.

What does food mean to you?

Food to me means family and friends. It is one of the best ways to connect with people.

Do you have a fond food memory to share?

One of my fondest food memories is coming home from University to a meal of my Mom’s roast chicken and gravy. It is the ultimate comfort food for me.

Why do you love to call Vancouver home?

I love Vancouver because it is laid back and outdoorsy. You can eat in a 5 star restaurant or from a food truck and have an amazing meal.  I like walking in the woods and along the beach, and both are within blocks of my house! When the sun shines you forget that it ever rains here. That is the magic of this city.

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Gastronomic Gastown Tour

Our most popular tour! Discover the maze of food and drinks in Vancouver’s #1 Foodie district.

Granville Island Market Tour

The inside track at the world famous Public Market.

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Authentic Asian Eats Tour

An Insider’s Guide to World-Class Chinese Cuisine

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