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Gastronomic Gastown Tour

Meet Bronson, our witty and artistic foodie tour guide, who brings a creative powerhouse of energy to every tour. With a passion for cooking and a love for his cat, Bronson embodies the spirit of exploration and enjoys showcasing the vibrant colors of Vancouver’s murals.

Having lived in Vancouver for the last four years, Bronson has fallen in love with the city’s diversity, the ability to taste the world without boarding a plane, and the mild weather that keeps real snow at bay. He finds joy in wandering around the city, discovering its hidden gems.

Bronson’s hobbies include video games, board games, tabletop role-playing, cosplay, Dungeons and Dragons, and anything nerdy. He also enjoys building model kits, painting miniature figures, and immersing himself in the world of fantasy.

As a foodie tour guide, Bronson loves meeting people from around the world, talking about food, and exploring Gastown’s contrasts, from its great food and weird little shops to its colorful characters.

Here are three reasons to experience Vancouver with Bronson: he’ll show you the cool graffiti and murals, find common ground to bond over, and share his trivia knowledge. Plus, he’s very handsome, but he’s humble about it!

Bronson is a charming, talkaholic foodie host who delights in watching people enjoy their food. He loves hearing about their favorite flavors and believes that talking about food brings a greater appreciation for its nuances. Join Bronson on a tour, and you’re guaranteed to learn something new and have a fantastic time!

“Our tour guide, Bronson, was so knowledgeable and just a delight. The Gastown food tour was exceptional! Each stop had something special; the stuffed cabbage at Kozak Ukrainian restaurant, the margarita at Monarca, and the pavlova at Gastronomy Gastown. Really unique. HIGHLY recommend. We did the tour with alcohol included.”

– Smpg, TripAdvisor

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