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The Yellow Apple That Could

I never thought my love for fresh fruit would be torn in so many directions. In addition to the beautiful weather, summer is my favourite time of the year in Vancouver for the bounty of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and more. Yet as Fall took over the city, blustery rain and all, there is one little […]

Cheer Up, Buttercup! The Best Desserts in Vancouver to Make Things Right

Raincouver. It’s back. It’s just the beginning. We saw over 30cm of rain in the last seven days. I was headed downtown across the Burrard Street bridge on of these monsoon-like mornings, thinking about “the season of comfort food.” Cold and dreary weather makes foodies yearn for all things warm, hearty, sweet, and decadent. As […]

Gastown Hidden Gem: Shirakawa

Update: May 2017 – Shirakawa is now closed. It currently holds a thriving vegetarian restaurant called Meet! It seems that our list of things to do and things to eat in Vancouver increased exponentially this Fall. Restaurant staples like Chambar and Cafe Medina came out roaring with new digs and new menus, and another of […]

Thanksgiving in Vancouver: 5 Foodie Blessings

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend! It’s a time to celebrate all the things we’re thankful for, which, for many of us, includes indulging in a classic, food-coma-inducing meal! This year at VFT, we’re thankful for: the opportunity to showcase Vancouver’s multicultural culinary scene to foodies all around the world, our passionate team of guides that […]

The Season of Comfort Food: Recipe Within

If you’ve been following us on Instagram @vanfoodietours, you’ll know that a couple of the VFT members took a little roadtrip to the Okanagan this last week. Although we were sure to get our fill of BC wine (especially those that we feature on our Granville Island Market Tour and Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour), we […]

Stops Along the Seawall: Delish General Store

It’s week 3 of our Stops Along the Seawall series! We’ve been hopping on our bikes and zooming along one of Vancouver’s most popular attractions: the 22k seawall. Though the view of the ocean is breathtaking, the city itself is just as impressive. Retail and residential space have truly become a commodity; you can’t help […]

Stops Along the Seawall: Tap & Barrel

It’s week 2 of our 4-part series: Stops Along the Seawall! We’ve been grabbing our bikes and bumbling along Vancouver’s famous 22K of waterfront, taking in the sights and scoping out the best places to eat along the way! Last week, we kicked off the series with a visit to Beta 5 for one of […]

Stops on the Seawall: Beta 5

What a sweltering week it has been in Vancouver! And by “sweltering,” I mean that temperatures hit 30 degrees, it’s been gloriously sunny, and I am one of many who prayed for air conditioning to bless their home. It’s summer and the city couldn’t be happier. We are outside for every and any occasion, whether […]

Goodbye Carbs, Hello Beets.

In case you haven’t noticed, being active and eating healthy is a big thing to in Vancouver, especially in the summer. Even as a die-hard foodie, I will admit that I attempt to make healthier choices like running (to the ice cream shop), stretching (before eating), and healthy choices (see below) during the summer season. […]

Sake: Cold or Hot, Sip or Shot?

I’ve actually tasted the sake from Artisan Sake Maker before. On more than one occasion, in more than one Japanese izakaya bar. I even knew it came from Granville Island and, yah, I thought that was cool. But, their bottles of Osake sit unsuspectingly amongst many sakes behind the bar, so it’s hard to say […]

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