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INTERVIEW: Rain or Shine Ice Cream

It was another rainy November in Vancouver. No one batted an eye at the dreary skies. Yet, a little ray of sunshine was destined for Kitsilano that winter of 2013 – Rain or Shine Ice Cream opened on W 4th Avenue. The city was thrilled to have a boutique ice cream shop in their midst […]

Best Places for Craft Beer in Vancouver

Cheers! For the final week of our partnership with Expedia Canada and we’re ending things with a bang! If you’ve just arrived on our Vancouver food blog, you’re just in time – we’re bringing you from morning-to-night in Vancouver, giving you the inside scoop on the way locals dine. Catch up on the Hidden Gems in […]

Seafood Series: Vancouver’s Famous Spot Prawns

***As a special treat for the fifth and final week of our Seafood Series, we want to send you and a friend to this year’s Spot Prawn Boil at Fisherman’s Wharf on Sunday, May 17 at 2:00pm. Read on to enter to win!*** Seafood lovers in Vancouver will know – The Spot Prawn Boil at […]

Seafood Series: Best Salmon in Vancouver

Seated on the Pacific Ocean, it’s no surprise that Vancouver is known for some of the best seafood in the world. We were inspired to create a Seafood Series for the readers of our Vancouver food blog, and so far, we’ve covered the best places for: Oysters, Tuna and Fish and Chips. Yet, if there’s […]

Seafood Series: The Tuna All-Star Line Up

Do foodies come to Vancouver searching for the best tuna they’ll ever have? Well, we think that they should. Though BC salmon is constantly in the spotlight, we’ve found 5 occasions where tuna has taken centre stage…and deserves a standing ovation! Welcome to Part 2 of our Vancouver Seafood Blog Series: The Tuna All-Star Line […]

Seafood Series: Best Oysters in Vancouver

Hello Foodies! We’re excited to launch a new blog series on the best seafood in Vancouver! Vancouver’s fresh seafood is well-known throughout the world and there is an impressive list of restaurants in the city that call seafood their area of expertise. With a finite number of days and meals to plan, we’ve found that finding […]

Kin Kao Changes Thai Food Scene in Vancouver

We don’t usually post on our Vancouver food blog on Wednesdays… but when we do, we have really, really, tasty news. If we had to break it down, the Thai food scene in Vancouver is like this: There’s Maenam – consistent winner of “Best Place to Eat Thai Food in Vancouver” and every one else. […]

Superbowl Sunday – Our Top 5 Game Day Snacks

Hi Foodies! This weekend is a big one for the West Coast – the Seattle Seahawks are playing in the Superbowl! Over the years, we’ve seen the Seahawks blue/green/white flood through Vancouver, and this year, the city is ready for a celebration.  We’re certainly excited about the football, but us foodies like to show our […]

How to: Dine Out Vancouver like a Champion

Hi Foodies! If you live in or around Vancouver, you’ve probably heard that one of our favourite activities is returning to the city this month: Dine Out Vancouver! In a nutshell, Dine Out Vancouver is Canada’s largest food and drink festival, hosted over 17 days. Though the festival is focused around restaurants and food-centric events, […]

Foodie 101: The Truth About Truffles

Happy New Year, Foodies! We thought to jump right into 2015 and tackle one of our New Year’s resolutions. From hosting our foodie tours in Vancouver, we’ve found that common ingredients can sometimes be the most trivial of all. With this in mind, we were inspired to create a “Foodie 101” blog series, where we can […]

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