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The Best Fish and Chips are on Granville Island

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I’d love to have a bird’s-eye-view of Granville Island. Our signature red Vancouver Foodie Tour t-shirts would look like little dots leading clusters of people from Edible Canada to the Granville Island Public Market. From a bird’s-eye-view, the pedestrian traffic in and around the Granville Island Public Market would look similar to bees around a beehive; however, there is another place to eat on Granville Island that’s often swarming with foodies.

Go Fish1

It’s a bit of a local secret, as to where to eat the best fish & chips in Vancouver should be. See, there’s this little blue shack (I say “shack” in the most endearing way) called Go Fish that’s tucked away in its own little alcove of Granville Island, just at the entrance of Fisherman’s Wharf. The sneakiest part is that Go Fish is just off the well-travelled seawall path, masked partly by a large bush and partly by a restrictive-looking fence. This is to say, you might walk along the seawall hundreds of times and only find Go Fish if it’s a particularly windy day and you sniff out the goodness, or if it’s a sunny day and the line from Go Fish intersects your walking path. Maybe a good-looking foodie in a red t-shirt will recommend it to you, or perhaps you might read about Go Fish in your favourite Vancouver food blog! (Aww, you make us blush!)

Regardless of what brings you to Go Fish, it will be a stop you won’t regret. Their fish is unbeatably fresh as it comes from the boats that dock less than 30 ft from the eatery. The secluded, waterfront location is absolute glory on a sunny day – moored boats and glistening ocean contrasted by Vancouver’s famous skyline. Yet, a true Vancouverite will visit the best place to eat on Granville Island regardless of the weather. My most recent visit with VFT guides, Andrew and Wes, was a testament to this; it was a rainy Sunday and we certainly had company.

The menu is relatively simple: a few kinds of seafood sandwiches, tacos, sides, daily specials, and of course, their signature fish and chips that feature cod, halibut or salmon. The portions are quite generous, especially considering the price point. For example, 2-piece cod + chips is $10.50; 2-piece halibut is $14.50. Tacos (pictured below) are $5 a piece or 2 for $9! I was pleasantly surprised by their Pacific Rim coleslaw – I’m not a huge fan of mayonnaise, so I really appreciate the balance of crisp vegetables with a light, but creamy, citrus dressing.

Go Fish-Tacos

I can’t speak highly enough of a visit to Go Fish as a fun thing to do in Vancouver, especially if you’re looking for a place to eat on Granville Island. It’s got that comforting clatter of a kitchen at work, the charm of a local hangout, and the food of world-class seafood city.

Before I sign off, I’ll leave you to drool over the daily special our VFT team enjoyed: Tomato Miso Chowder, jam-packed with potatoes, vegetables, and hearty goodness. If you catch it on the menu when you stop by, you know what to do!

Go Fish-Chowder

Thanks for reading. Until next time, foodies!

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