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Good Food, Good Meeting

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If you’re a bit Food Network fan like me, you’ll understand the gravity behind the phrase “sometimes, simple is best.” On competitive shows like Top Chef, Masterchef, Food Network Star, and even Iron Chef, those who are able to produce simple dishes with flawless execution often find success. People can appreciate and identify with simple meals. We know when it’s done right. If you’ve ever been to Finch’s Tea and Coffee House in downtown Vancouver, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Finch’s is this ultra-quaint cafe on the corner of W Pender and Homer. It’s underneath a rather eclectic-looking hostel and is often mistaken for the used book shop that’s one block down the street. If we’re being honest, I’m a little confused every time I navigate my way over there.  Yet, for those who know it, it’s a lunch-time staple that has mastered the “art of simple,” that includes sandwiches, soups, salads, and sweets.


Blah blah, you say. It’s another cafe. Be a real Vancouver food blog and tell me about real places to eat and real things to do in Vancouver. To you, I respond with a portrait of the sandwich I adore the most. Pear, Brie, Proscuitto and Walnut, on a classic baguette. Yes, it does look like this every time. It deserves your respect. Keep reading.


The interior has all the charm of your grandmother’s kitchen – vintage shelves, rickety tables, and a mixture of cutlery and floral china. Despite the homey feel, you’ll find a mix of business suits and pencil skirts in the line. Take-out, no doubt, but eager to order all the same. I shamelessly took this photo of a pair strangers sitting in the window, because I thought you deserve to see just how adorable and quirky your dining experience can be. It’s a good place to ponder life while you enjoy an exquisite baguette.


My stomach always rumbles for the Pear baguette I love so dearly; I am not alone. It is the most popular pick on the menu and I think you can understand why. I can only imagine how many wheels of brie they go through each day. Just for good measure, I’ve also tried the Gypsy Salami baguette and it too, has a beauty that commands the spotlight.


If you’re buried in an office building, too far to make the trek, fret not my fellow foodies, there’ a way to bring Finch’s back! The savvy team at actually has Finch’s on their menu, meaning they will deliver fresh made baguette sandwiches to your boardroom meeting! Good food = good meeting. (You can take our word for it!)

Thanks for reading!

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