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Foodie Triple Threat: Chocolaterie, Patisserie, Cafe

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1059 Alberni St

Monday – Friday, 7:00 am-midnight
Weekends + Holidays, 8:00 am-midnight
Fully Licensed


It was a little while ago, on a Raincouver kind of day. You know, early-ish in the morning, neither raining nor not raining, tiny beads of water are hanging in the air. It was a nice (first) day to visit Thierry, but I hardly knew better. I’ve since found that the quaint French cafe is good on most any day, gloomy afternoon to glorious evening.

It didn’t take me long to fall for Thierry; they instantly had me with pastel rows of pink, yellow, green and violet macarons. Yet beware, the menu is quick to entice; each item is head-tilting and mouth-watering. I first fell for the macarons, then the liquid chocolate, then the packaged gift items, and then the fact that I could enjoy all of these things on the patio with a glass of wine. I love that you can get savoury café food – prosciutto, smoked salmon, and quiche – and I can’t tear my eyes from the displays of pretty chocolates. And one can sit at a table amongst it all, right in the thick of the warm, bright, delicious smells Thierry has to offer. Nestled just off the corner of Alberni and Burrard St, it’s a surprisingly convenient escape for anyone downtown. Perhaps you’ve seen Vancouver Foodie Tours stopping with our Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Food Tour outside Thierry to spread the good word!

Today’s feature: my original and most loyal love, the macaron. Though I can’t say for sure, I like to believe the macaron is what Chef Gordon Ramsay was referring to when he called Chef Thierry one of the finest pastry chefs in the world. Sold individually, in 7’s, or by the dozen, my advice is to round upwards in quantity because:

a) you’ll eat them, enjoy every last one, and always wish you had more; and
b) the simple, gorgeous packaging is well worth the extra macarons!


Before I talk about the wide variety of flavours, this is what you need to know about the macaron itself.  The two “outsides” of the macaron have a slightly crisp shell and a dense, cake-like interior. The taste is nice and light, not overpowering in any way. The creme filling is sugary and perfectly well-packed, and it’s the sweetness of this modest layer that tells you what flavour you’ve chosen.

It really doesn’t matter which flavour you go with – lychee or vanilla, salted caramel or earl grey, the texture of the macaron paired with the moment when the unique flavour hits you, is amazing.

My foodie tip for Thierry is one straight to the working stomachs of Vancouver food lovers – when the 2:00 pm slump hits you (at your desk, after shopping, after – let’s be honest – lunch) a macaron is the perfect size and flavor to re-invigorate your afternoon. Or, when you’re not quite ready for the evening to end, a glass of wine and a little assortment of macarons and pastries is the perfect extension to your night. Go on, take a few bites…you’ll be so much happier for it!

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