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What’s So Special About Bella Gelateria Anyway?

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A dessert that is delicious, creamy, and not too heavy is a perfect way to end a meal. While it’s a favorite dessert these days, gelato dates back to ancient Rome and Egypt, and making gelato at that time it was a time-consuming process; snow had to be brought down from mountaintops.

While Italy has the highest percentage of gelato that is homemade as opposed to industrially made, it is possible to get a taste of this homemade delicacy in Vancouver. Bella Gelateria, a Vancouver-based gelato artisan, prides itself on its traditional techniques and is now world acclaimed. Getting a taste of Vancouver gelato can make one feel as though they were in Italy.

Fresh Ingredients and Seasonal Flavors

Bella Gelateria VancouverOne of the reasons Bella Gelateria is a must-visit place to eat gelato in Vancouver, or even in the world, is because they choose the freshest and finest ingredients to make their gelato and sorbetto. Artificial flavors speed up the gelato-making process, but the taste will not be as flavorful. Bella Gelateria chooses fresh, raw, and if possible, local ingredients. Fresh ingredients are integral for delicious gelato. For example, peaches are sourced from Peachland, in the Okanagan, and Canadian spring water is used. When ingredients can’t be sourced locally, only the best are chosen. For example, pistachios come from Sicily, Italy and the mangos are from India.

Bella Gelateria also chooses their flavors to coincide with the seasons. Flavors change every day, and in order to get the most current list of flavors, one needs to visit the store. Each day, 24 flavors are handcrafted: 18 gelato flavors and 6 sorbetto flavors.

Traditional Italian Gelato-Making Process

Another reason Bella Gelateria is a must-try is because the old-world, handcrafted gelato process is preserved. Nothing is mass-produced and nothing is artificial; each gelato is made from scratch.

After a 12 hour infusion process in order to intensify the flavors in the gelato, Bella Gelateria mixes each gelato in a specialized mixing phase. There are no sensors; only a professionally trained gelato artisan can know when it’s ready! Finally, a traditional, Italian-made, temperature controlled storage system keeps each of the flavors at its optimal temperature.

This process is rarely found outside of Italy, making Bella Gelateria’s products deliciously authentic.

Award Winning and World Acclaimed

Vancouver Bella GelateriaJames Coleridge, owner of Bella Gelateria, apprenticed and honed his gelato skills in Italy at Carpigiani’s Gelato University. His hard work and appreciation for the old-world art of gelato making has rewarded him. In 2011, Coleridge was recognized as a worldwide gelato pioneer, and was the first non-Italian to receive this title. In 2012, Coleridge competed in the largest gelato festival in the world, in Florence, Italy. He competed against the finest gelato makers in the world and won the gold title. This was the first time a non-Italian won the gold title.

Coleridge’s acclaimed gelato has made headlines, making Bella Gelateria world famous. It is not only a taste of Italy, but it has become a must-try taste of Vancouver.

Vancouver Foodie Tours includes gelato from Bella Gelateria in its Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour. After sampling delicious tastes of Vancouver, the tour finishes with this famous gelato. Join the Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour and see why Bella Gelateria has made headlines!

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