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If You’re a Bacon Lover

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British Columbia is known as the healthiest province in Canada. With that title, you might think British Columbians are not likely to enjoy a slab of decadent bacon. In reality, bacon is very much loved in the health-conscious green city of Vancouver! If you’re not sure where to eat in Vancouver, start by visiting Pig on the Street. Pig on the Street, a Vancouver food cart, is famous for its delicious bacon sandwiches and is highly recommended by Vancouverites. If you’re a bacon lover and you’re not sure where to eat in Vancouver, read on for more information about Pig on the Street.

Homemade Local Ingredients

 Pig on the Street Food TruckPig on the Street is owned by Mark and Krissy, a British couple who moved to Vancouver from Cornwall. Krissy, who has extensive experience in the food industry as well as training from VCC, decided to open a food cart that specializes in bacon for a few reasons. Everyone agrees that bacon is delicious, there’s a huge market for bacon sandwiches in Vancouver, (you’ll be hard-pressed to find another food outlet in Vancouver that specializes in bacon), and the great local farms makes it easy to source organic, high-quality ingredients.

Pig on the Street only uses fresh, local ingredients. Mark and Krissy make their own flatbread from locally milled flour and use cheese made from a dairy farm in Agassiz, in the Fraser Valley. Mostly, Pig on the Street believes in using organic pork. Unlike other restaurants that use pork packed with hormones and additives, Pig on the Street knows that the pork they cook with comes from a farm in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

In addition to supporting local farmers and using fresh products, Pig on the Street is also environmentally friendly. All sandwiches are wrapped minimally meaning the amount of waste generated is also minimal.

A Specialized and Delicious Menu

In addition to five sandwiches, such as the Pig LT, the Southern Piggy and The Porker, Pig on the Street also has a soup of the day and a dessert on the menu. The soup of the day always comes with a bacon and cheese stir stick, and the bacon brownie is a hit!

If you’re downtown and you’re wondering where to eat, Pig on the Street can be a great option simply because it is a food cart and not a sit-down restaurant. There’s no need to wait to find a seat, and you know you’ll get your food fast. The Pig on the Street food cart is located by the Vancouver Art Gallery, on Howe Street between Robson St and West Georgia St.

Pig on the Street Vancouver

Try a Sandwich on a Food Tour

Vancouver Foodie Tours makes a stop at the Pig on the Street food cart during the World’s Best Street Eats Tour. This delicious food cart is one of ten food truck we visit during the food tour. For just $49 per person, it’s possible to sample food from Pig on the Street, as well as food from some of Vancouver’s other great food carts.

If you’re visiting Vancouver or even if you’ve lived here all your life, you’ll no longer have to wonder where to eat in Vancouver. Food carts offer some great local food, and Pig on the Street is no exception. If you’re “achin’ for bacon” then don’t miss a bacon sandwich from Pig on the Street.

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