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What’s a Foodie?

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They might just the be best kind of people out there.

Foodies have great personalities

  • Foodies are optimistic: We wake up thankful for a new day that is filled with opportunities for great food.
  • Foodies have great attitudes: We know that any social situation can be conquered with the help of a good snack.
  • Foodies embrace change: There’s a possibility of a good restaurant close by…especially if you’re in Vancouver.
  • Foodies are emotionally stable: We still have good days and bad days, but we know who we are and what makes us happy.

Foodies are advantageous travel buddies

  • Foodies love to travel! Show us some food photography from where you’re hoping to visit and we’ll be packing our bags.
  • Foodies are very organized travellers: We’ll study the destination and create a daily itinerary that may revolve around restaurants and cafes. If a tourist attraction happens to be close by, that’s great, too!
  • Foodies are excellent travel companions: The snacks we pack put airplane food to shame.
  • Foodies are a simple people:
    Q: “What can I bring you from my trip?”
    A: “Just send us lots of food photos.”

Foodies are the best kind of friends

  • It’s easy to plan a party for a Foodie: Potlucks, cooking parties, baking parties, recipe-clubs, and Food Network marathons are our idea of a smashing good time.
  • Striking a conversation with a foodie is no problem: 
    “Have you been to this restaurant before?” or
    “I ate this the other day…” or
    “I had this for breakfast…”
    (engaging conversation ensues)
  • Gift-giving to a Foodie is an absolute joy: Big or small, sweet or savoury, we’ll be over-the-moon every time. The Foodie industry is also booming, so there’s a whole breadth of options for Foodie gift ideas (like a Vancouver Foodie Tours Gift Certificate)!

Foodies are assets in the workplace

  • Foodies are highly-motivated employees: Just use food as a reward for good work.
  • Foodies are perseverant through tough situations: They have food to fuel them during challenging tasks.
  • Foodies are assets to any team: Before the project begins, they’ve already planned the food to bring to team meetings and finalized the details on where the wrap-up party will take place.

Not convinced? Join us for a Foodie Tour – we’d love to show you around!

Joyce Chua

About Joyce Chua

I’m fascinated by food and it’s impact on culture, especially in an increasingly globalized world…Vancouver’s multicultural food scene makes me a very happy foodie! Here’s to a life of traveling, dining, learning and sharing together!

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