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Travellers’ Guide to Rainy Days in Vancouver

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For the last few weeks, we’ve been living in denial here on our Vancouver food blog. Convinced that “It’s Still Summer” you can read how we were determined to enjoy every one of our favourite summer cocktails and use every in-season ingredient to make bright and colourful meals.

Well, the rain has returned to Vancouver and, I suppose, it’s time for us to move on. To kick off Fall the season, we give you this Travellers’ Guide to Rainy Days in Vancouver.

Here are 5 of Vancouver’s best things to do, best places to eat, and ways to stay dry on a blustery day!

1. Always bring an umbrella (or know where to find one)!

You must have heard this before, but it’s no joke! A true Vancouverite always has an umbrella on hand – you’ll never know when you’ll need it! You can pick up a pocket-size version at any drugstore or convenience store in the city. Our favourite place to pick up a sturdy umbrella is at The Umbrella Shop on Granville Island. If you’re staying at a hotel, there’s a good chance the concierge has an umbrella or two to lend!

2. Indulge in a hot cup of liquid goodness

GI Tea - Chai

There is silver lining to every rainy day in Vancouver. Experience our favourite Fall tastes with these decadent drinks:

  • Cafe Thierry – There’s shots of liquid hot chocolate at this beloved Vancouver cafe. Thick, velvety and all-around dreamy, you can sip the afternoon away with their devilish varieties.
  • Mink Chocolates – In a little plaza across from Vancouver’s waterfront, is an award-winning chocolate cafe. The Vancouver Foodie Tours Chairwoman, Michelle, adores their Dark Chocolate Mocha with Marshmallows!
  • Granville Island Tea Company – Featured on our Granville Island Market Tour, the Signature Chai Latte from Granville Island Tea is the first taste we think of when we think of Fall. The house-made blend is created daily for ultimate freshness and fragrance!

3. Explore the (free) indoor spaces

Downtown Vancouver is filled with interesting indoor spaces that are totally free! Some of the city’s best places to be on a rainy day include:

  • The Gift Shop at The Vancouver Art Gallery – a fun-filled store in the heart of the city, great for creative gifts, books, and souvenirs
  • The lobby of Hotel Vancouver and The Fairmont Pacific Rim – breathtaking spaces to explore
  • The HSBC Building Atrium – check out the giant swinging pendulum and grab a slice of authentic Roman-style pizza at Sciue (pictured above)!
  • The lobby of Hotel Georgia – check out the 3D retrospective art piece

4. Go shopping in Vancouver’s underground mall

If you’re wandering along the streets of Vancouver, you might just miss Pacific Centre. The luxury shopping mall is anchored by Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew, but is otherwise hidden under three city blocks in downtown Vancouver. Stretching from W Pender Street to Robson Street, you’ll find H&M, Artizia, Michael Kors, The Apple Store and more!

5. Slurp a bowl of authentic ramen…and prepare for a nap

Best Ramen Vancouver, Things to eat Vancouver

Rainy days mean ramen. They fall hand in hand. Nothing is more satisfying than a piping hot bowl of noodles and savoury goodness. So, when the skies turn gray, beeline to the West end of Robson Street and you’ll find countless noodle shops, each with their own signature broth. Local favourite include:

  • Hokkaido Santouka Ramen (pictured above) – Consistently voted as the best ramen in Vancouver. Expect it to be noisy, steamy and wonderful inside!
  • Marutama Ramen – We love the creamy chicken shio (miso) broth and thin, chewy noodles! It’s just around the corner from our previous suggestion, and often, much less crowded.
  • Taishoken Ramen – This ramen shop is in Vancouver’s historic neighbourhood, Gastown. Their signature dish is tsumeken, where the ramen is served separately from the broth. Every bite of noodles is to be dipped in a bowl of soup to maintain the perfect noodle consistency

Do you have more ideas on how to make the most of rainy days in Vancouver? Leave us a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!


Joyce Chua

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Food is the perfect friend – always comforting, never judging, fully inspiring, and happy to be shared. Food leads me on my world travels, introducing me to new spices, techniques, and cultures. I love the smiles in the city that I see every day as food lovers indulge in Vancouver’s diverse culinary scene. Needless to say, I’m thrilled to combine my passion for food and people through Vancouver Foodie Tours. I hope we can dine together soon!

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