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What tours do you host?

I host the Gastronomic Gastown Tour, Best of Downtown Tour, and Granville Island Market Tour.

Why do you love Vancouver?

I love the lifestyle of Vancouver – having the ability to go to the beach or the forest is something I appreciate so much. I love that I can cycle anywhere I need to go around town. I love the diversity of this city – exploring different neighborhoods and trying out new restaurants or breweries is definitely one of my favourite things to do.

What’s a food you absolutely cannot resist?

I’m currently on a brunch binge – I can’t keep up with eating my way through Vancouver’s best brunches and perfecting my own poached egg on avocado toast…

What are your hobbies (besides eating)?

I love gardening – I seed save and have many varieties of tomatoes that I grow year after year. I also enjoy cycling and picnic-ing (that’s a hobby, right?)

What is a fond food memory you’ve had?

I’ll never forget my first food truck in Germany – amazing currywurst and fries!

Why do you love hosting Vancouver Foodie Tours?

I love seeing how enthusiastic guests are about the Vancouver food scene and being reminded that we are so blessed to have amazing local vendors, especially at Granville Island. I’ll never get tired of that beautiful moment when someone has their first bite of fresh and hot donut from Lee’s Donuts!

“Thank you Tracy! It has been a memorable two days with you, trying many delicious foods together!”

– @s.u.iz.1991

Which tour is right for me?

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Gastronomic Gastown Tour

Our most popular tour! Discover the maze of food and drinks in Vancouver’s #1 Foodie district. 

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Best of Downtown Tour

Taste Vancouver’s multicultural heritage at award-winning establishments!

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Granville Island Market Tour

The inside track at the world famous Public Market.

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